Enhancing user design experience, Part II

 In Website Design

Welcome to the second part of our study on the user experience design of saharasams.com.

The split navigation is a bit confusing. Similar items should be treated in a similar manner so I would expect that if there are two systems of navigation, each would correspond to a particular function. Perhaps the upper navigation contains general links while the left navigation contains specific attractions but this is not the case. Admissions & Hours and At the Park make sense to be grouped together but Groups would seem to be better organized near Birthday Parties or Corporate login since these will appeal to different user groups.

The main area of the site is appropriately reserved for rotating promotional messaging. Users can navigate through the various promotions. However, the promotions cycle through only once leaving the visitor with only the World’s Tallest Ropes course promotion visible after a while. While the promotions are bold, the calls to action on them are inconsistent. It is also odd that the rotating promotions would use flash instead of javascript or css since a similar affect to be achieved while allowing for the page to be edited through a CMS (content management system).

The search field is located in the logical place but I would be curious to see analytics on the use of it. The site is not overly complex and such functionality may not be used much. At the very least, the search field should be better integrated so that more important elements in the masthead can stand out.

To finish reading, see the next post on user experience design.

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