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SEO Silo

How to Use SEO Silos to Improve Your Web Marketing

For businesses looking to broaden content marketing efforts, owning a tightly organized website-structure can boost SERP results. One of the advanced SEO techniques that website owners should consider involves creating
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2020 Website Design Trends

The Top Website Design Trends Taking Over 2020

A new decade means a boatload of new trends shaping the digital marketing landscape. Some trends stem from existing technology and techniques while new updates allow emerging trends to gain
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404 error pages

How to Use 404 Error Pages to Your Advantage

We’ve all come across them. Those error messages that read “Error 404” or “404 Page Not Found.” Annoying, right? Although common, these pesky 404 error pages cause frustratingly bad user
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Must-Have Website Features for Every Small Business

Big or small, staying relevant in the 21st century seems daunting.  Consumers face more than 6,000 messages per day! As a small business owner, you have to level the playing
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web usability

How to Create Good Website Usability

Businesses and web designers working for businesses always ask themselves, what makes a website good? What makes people want to explore the website? What about it compels them to stay?
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What is Weebly? Friendly, Functional Web Design

In this digital age, you cannot overstate the importance of a website when it comes to business. In many cases the website is your business, especially as more and more
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Responsive Design

Best Practices for Designing a Responsive Website

With the official Google stamp of approval given to Responsive Website Design, we can be sure that it is the best plan of action for anyone who wants to make
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Why Do I Need a Responsive Website?

Technology industry news site Mashable has coined 2013 “The Year of the Responsive Website”, and one glance at the wide variety of screens and tech tools being used by the
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What is Responsive Design for a Website?

Just when you think you know everything you need to know about website design a new product comes along and forces you to rethink the parameters of your layout (I’m
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Website Layout vs. Content: Which Brings More Traffic?

Google Instant Preview allows users to see a small screenshot of your website before choosing a search engine result. Do users read the tiny text, or look at a visual?
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