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Amazon Sponsored Products

7 Mistakes to Avoid in Amazon Sponsored Products Campaigns

In the realm of Amazon, advertising plays a pivotal role in business scaling. And it’s no secret that the lion’s share of sales belongs to Sponsored Products. However, crafting an
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Google Ads

Google Ad Campaigns: Which One Will You Choose?

Used nearly 3.5 billion times each day, Google offers valuable opportunities to position your brand in front of prospective customers. Available on both mobile and desktop, using Google ads in
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Quality Scores: Improve Your Google Ad Performance

If you hope to transform into a PPC guru, then you’ll need to develop a solid understanding of your Quality Score since this number can influence the success you see
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seo keywords

Should I Use Branded Keywords?

Identifying, analyzing, targeting, and ranking for keywords are critical steps to any SEO or PPC campaign’s success. After all, the keywords you aim for will determine the audience demographic you
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Premiere Creative’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Posts of 2020

With the perpetual changes occurring in the digital marketing and advertising industry, it can feel challenging to keep up or prepare for new surprises lurking around the corner. Staying informed
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Google Search Ads 101

Where else can any business, small or large, target their specific customers day or night? Google Search Ads. Like many business owners, you tend to receive Google postcards every few
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Premiere Creative’s Top 10 Marketing Blogs of 2018

As the top digital marketing agency in NJ, Premiere Creative has been a go-to source of information for B2C and B2B companies and markets for 3 decades. Our blog strives
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Landing Page

5 Tips for Writing a PPC Text Ad

Today, generating valuable leads remains the number 1 priority for business owners. By working with Google or Bing, PPC search and display campaigns can generate a substantial amount of traffic
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Optimized Landing Page

Why You Need Optimized Landing Pages

With careful design and effective copy, you can take your lead generation to the next level. As the most important element in any successful PPC campaign, your landing pages play
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Best Digital Marketing Blogs

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs of 2017

As a top digital marketing agency in New Jersey, Premiere Creative has been a go-to source of information for B2C and B2B companies and markets. Thus, we strive to give
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