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The Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs of 2017

Best Digital Marketing Blogs

As a top digital marketing agency in New Jersey, Premiere Creative has been a go-to source of information for B2C and B2B companies and markets. Thus, we strive to give our readers insight into the latest digital news, social media trends, and SEO tips in our blog. As we approach the end of another year, let’s reflect on the digital breakthroughs, shifts, and marketing insight we accumulated in 2017.

Our past two roundup blogs featured our best SEO and Social Media related articles; now we present the top 10 digital marketing blogs of 2017.

10). New Year’s Resolutions For Digital Marketing

We kicked off 2017 by writing a blog containing our New Year’s resolutions. Not only did the blog contain resolutions for Premiere Creative, but also resolutions that all digital marketers should attempt to accomplish in 2017. Just as technology and search algorithms change, so must digital marketing practices, strategies and individual performance. As we enter 2018, consider making your own New Year’s resolutions. To help, try using the resolutions we mentioned in our blog!

9). How to Win New Business With Your Website

Your website is your digital storefront. Therefore, it’s crucial that you focus on winning new business with a snazzy website to entice visitors to learn more about your products and services. Discover our web design tactics in this blog to help your website secure the business your company deserves.

8). What is a Landing Page?

Sometimes referred to as a destination page, a landing page is a specific web page linked to a search engine results page. A landing page acts as the foundation for any successful PPC campaign, so you’ll want to familiarize with the process of creating an effective landing page. New to PPC? This blog is a must-read in order to skyrocket clicks to your website.

7). The Anatomy of a Great Landing Page

Continuing on from the previous entry on our Top 10 list, a well-crafted landing page is the single-most important tool for converting a visitor into a lead. While landing pages may have slight differences, their structure remains the same. Our blog provides a step-by-step guide to this very precise formula for success.

6). 7 Elements in a Successful PPC Ad

Be mindful that a landing page is only one component of a PPC ad. So if business owners and marketers want to achieve success in paid search advertising, they should pay close attention to other vital page elements such as copy, ad extensions, and keywords. Discover what specific ad features and page elements you’ll need to include in your PPC ad in this blog.

5). Driving Calls With Paid Search Ads

The number of mobile search queries surpassed desktop search, thus proving mobile is here to stay. So how can you seize the opportunity to convert mobile customers? By driving call with paid search ads, of course! Our blog provides B2C marketers with helpful tips, as well as an understanding of the importance of driving calls with paid search ads.

4). How to Succeed Using A/B Testing

A/B testing is an essential marketing method for any digital marketer trying to synthesize ad performance. So whether you’re measuring which copy reads better, which audience responds better, or which image entices more clicks, testing your ad parameters and creative is how you find out what works and what doesn’t. To discover the perfect ad that resonates with your target demographic, read this step-by-step guide when conducting A/B testing.

3). How Often Should I Update My Business Blog?

Congratulations! Your brand decided to create a blog. So now what? From a reader perspective, you’re probably trying to gauge “How often should I post content to build or increase web traffic?” Truthfully, identifying the correct post frequency, tone, and discussion topics differs from business to business. If you’re strapped for time and resources, our blog suggests practices that will align with your business goals and following.

2). How to use Facebook’s Targeting Options

Does your brand use Facebook ads? More importantly, how can you be sure your brand takes full advantage of all the targeting options Facebook offers? Did you know that a shocking amount of B2C businesses aren’t aware of the many targeting features that can allow brands to connect with the right audience? To stand out from the competition and gain a competitive edge, read this blog to learn how to boost ROI on Facebook.

1). How to Attract and Engage Subscribers With Email Marketing

Email marketing is paramount to any marketing campaign. A growing email list can potentially attract new customers, build relationships, and generate buzz about your company. But how can you attract potential customers to click “subscribe”? Our blog will provide business owners with helpful tips to deploy for your next email marketing campaign.

Ringing in 2018 the Right Way

In the fast-paced digital world, it’s no surprise that exciting developments in web design, mobile, SEO and social media are already starting to roll out for 2018. And if one thing is for certain, Premiere Creative’s resolution for 2018 is to continue assisting our customers, both new and old, by providing brand new blogs to best help our clients and readers achieve digital success in 2018. If you would like to know more about our blog and business, contact us or talk to an expert on hand at (973) 346-8100. Happy New Year!