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How to Use Facebook’s Targeting Options

Facebook Targeting Options

Facebook stands as one the most powerful digital advertising platforms for propelling businesses across the social media landscape. According to HootSuite, “On Facebook, mobile ads have 9.1x higher click-through rate; meanwhile, desktop ads have an 8.1x higher click-through rate than normal web ads”. From small mom and pop shops to corporate conglomerates, Facebook targeting options uses an arsenal of direct functions to capture your audience at any given time. Unlike traditional media such as billboards or print, digital platforms like Facebook use a granular approach to delivering your ads to an intended market.

For business owners who have a saved audience, there is great potential in a myriad of effective Facebook targeting options. The digital media experts at Premiere Creative reveal options to target potential customers already interested in your business as well as options to deliver ads to specific geographic locations.

Location Targeting

Whether your business has one or many locations, consider deploying the location targeting option. You can choose to set your location target by 1-100 mile radius, zip code, the name of a town, or state. Business can choose to plug in their address and select a radius or plug in certain towns to draw business from. For example, a private school can target affluent families in specific communities using zip codes to narrow their ideal target market. Check your consumer profile to decide what regions can offer you the best ad spend.

Engagement Custom Audience

Businesses can now track the amount of engagement on their page, ads, and videos to remarket back to that group of individuals through the Engagement Custom Audience. This targeting tool can collect engagement data up to 150 days prior. By serving your ad to fans of your business page, your ad spend reaches consumers already familiar with your business; thus maximizing leads. Engagement Custom Audiences gives users the option of targeting people who have visited your page, engaged on a post or ad, clicked the call to action button, or messaged your page.

The Facebook Pixel

In like manner, the Custom Audience coupled with the Facebook pixel are viable options to remarket ads to current and previous clients who have visited your website. This targeting option allows businesses to track the traffic between Facebook to your website. The Facebook pixel is a remarketing tool that optimization conversions who otherwise visit your website after clicking on a Facebook Ad, and not search beyond your homepage. This is bad especially if your business is an e-commerce. In addition, the Facebook pixel leverages desktop and mobile devices, which enables improvements for more effective ad campaigns.

Lookalike Audience

Lookalike audience is an option for businesses that understand who their client is, has targeted them, and now needs to step outside the box. Helping create new audiences based on the traits from your custom audiences, website visitors, and page fans, a lookalike audience suggests similar people of interest likely to show interest in your ad. It is important to understand this feature works best for businesses that have already targeted and analyzed their current demographic or consumer portfolio. A smaller audience is likely to closely match the behavior of the custom audience. A larger one will increase the potential reach of your ads but change a higher bounce rate. Staying in a small niche, allows the business owner to analyze the similarities between the lookalike and custom audience. Businesses can create up to 500 lookalike audience from one source.

Successful Targeting to Propel Your Business

According to Infodocket, the average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes. By deploying a targeting technique above, you have every opportunity to capture the attention of new business with your ad. To do so, businesses should refresh their Facebook ad approach. Consider your audience, effective methods to reach these audiences, how to measure traffic, and how to remarket. To ensure your business is using the right Facebook option to reach consumers, contact the social media marketing team at Premiere Creative today and give us a call at (973) 346-8100!