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How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Promoting on Facebook

Are you having difficulty promoting your business and Facebook engagement on your page? Perhaps it’s because your content isn’t inviting to fan engagement. Your Facebook posts must give your fans an incentive to engage in order to retain them as brand advocates.

Truthfully, developing a strong presence on social media – Facebook in particular – isn’t as difficult as you may believe.

In a previous blog, we mentioned various methods that you can utilize to facilitate and increase engagement; those, however, were just a few of the various ways that you can boost engagement on your business page. With a creative strategy and a modest budget, there are several easy ways to promote a business page to attract ideal customers and strengthen your page’s engagement rate.

Pay to Boost Your Best Posts

Have you ever posted something that received an overwhelming amount of organic engagement? Don’t stop there; keep going! Your posts’ success were proven based on previous engagement; so why not spend a few bucks to help it continue gaining momentum through Facebook’s Boosting function? This neat function allows your posts to reach even more fans and friends of fans. There are even targeting options, which allow you to reach your ideal customers based on demographics such as: Age, Gender, Location, and Interests. You can also determine the length of your boosted posts, whether you choose to promote it for a day or even a week.

Not sure which post to promote? Don’t be afraid to recycle and repurpose your best posts from the past. By analyzing the Facebook Insights tab, you can dig into old posts to recover something interesting from a year ago. If the content is still relevant, simply adjust the content to relate to your current brand image and promote it as something new!

Promote Holiday Celebrations

A great way to increase engagement is by acknowledging holidays. Posting something as simple as, “Happy Holidays” makes fans feel as though your business is genuinely committed to them. Also celebrate more whimsical holidays by posting on National Hoagie Day or National Coffee Day. Remind fans of the savings they can incur on these silly, light-hearted holidays.

If your business is a coffee shop, try offering a promotion on National Coffee Day. Advertising promotions such as “free espresso shot” or “$1 any sized coffee” will be sure to attract all the coffee lovers. Giveaway posts like these are sure to garner likes, shares and comments because who doesn’t want free coffee? Fans will be prompted to share the news with other friends, ultimately increasing the post’s engagement and gaining new customers.

Every day is a new holiday and a reason to celebrate. But don’t forget about the popular holidays that everyone loves like Halloween. Try creating a spooky promotion for this beloved holiday! If you own a restaurant, offer a free meal to the customer who comes in with the best costume. Spread the word about this promotion via Facebook. Include the date, time and location of the promotion and fans will be certain to add it to their calendar and share it with friends. Before you know it, your Facebook engagements will skyrocket and you’ll have a restaurant full of costumes!

The Experience

Your business offers more than just a product; it offers an experience. For the best experience for your fans, create informative and compelling content that’s easy on the eyes. Make sure your promotional advertising via Facebook is interactive and to-the-point. Don’t leave room for miscommunication and misunderstanding. Be sure to humanize your brand and how that there are actual humans behind the business. Your content should also be personalized; more importantly, you need to allow your brand’s culture and personality shine through each post.

Feedback and Polls

Requesting fan feedback by providing polls on Facebook is an important factor of customer experience. It gives fans an incentive to engage with your business’ posts because you are asking them to provide their experience, which shows them that your brand values customers’ input. It also lets customers know that your business cares and wants to improve to best suit customers’ needs.

Through Facebook boosting, your business can better target an ideal audience and also promote specials on products. Your business can also communicate feedback requests and polls related to customer experience. Communication between the business and the customer is vital to successful Facebook engagement. When you achieve clear communication, your business will exert the profits of successful Facebook engagement. For help with managing your business on Facebook, contact the experts at Premiere Creative or give us a call at (973) 346-8100.