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Author: Nicole Rhoades

An Advertiser’s Guide to Google’s Display Network

Collectively, companies spend billions of dollars on digital marketing each year, making the Internet a powerhouse that drives modern marketing initiatives. Organizations utilize web marketing in an effort to target
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Why Snapchat is Better Than Facebook

Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has proven to be very popular among millennials due to its unique and intimate features, which allow you to communicate with other users through
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Facebook Reach

How Businesses Can Reach Fans on Facebook

Do you ever wonder exactly how successful your business’ Facebook posts are? Many brands aren’t utilizing Facebook’s full potential because they are unaware of the incredibly useful instruments available to
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Promoting on Facebook

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Are you having difficulty promoting your business and Facebook engagement on your page? Perhaps it’s because your content isn’t inviting to fan engagement. Your Facebook posts must give your fans
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Facebook Engagement for Businesses

How Businesses Can Increase Facebook Engagement

Many businesses underestimate the marketing power that Facebook can provide. According to Brandwatch, Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform with roughly 1.71 billion monthly active users; therefore,
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