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How Businesses Can Increase Facebook Engagement

Facebook Engagement for Businesses

Many businesses underestimate the marketing power that Facebook can provide. According to Brandwatch, Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform with roughly 1.71 billion monthly active users; therefore, it’s imperative for your success to develop a loyal fan base by facilitating engagement on your business page. While this platform is a fantastic marketing tool, businesses still need to strategize effective methods for reaching their target audiences.

Many businesses feel as thought their content and posts aren’t generating enough traffic to their websites and actions on Facebook. Try following these helpful and proven tips to stimulate fan engagement on your business page.

Create “Thumb-Stopping” Content

According to statistics, approximately 56.5% of Facebook users ONLY access Facebook through their mobile phone; this is roughly 823 million people scrolling through Facebook on their smartphones. Facebook users use their thumb to rapidly scroll through their feed until something catches their eye. Just how exactly do you grab your fans’ attention? One simple way to attract fans is by creating eye-catching content to abruptly halt mobile thumb scrolling. You can accomplish this by including beautiful visuals in your post or even posting a catchy and compelling headline. Once you’ve optimized your content, it’s likely that fans take a moment to engage with your post by sharing, liking or commenting on it.

Pose a Question

If you’re looking to increase your engagement, questions are a great way to spark dialogue with your fans. It is also probably the easiest method to get people to respond to your posts. Compelling questions may include:

  • How do you feel about…?
  • Which do you prefer…?
  • What is your favorite…?
  • How was your experience…?

By asking a question, you force your fans to think about what you’ve posted. Using questions also connects your business to customers on a personal level. Many users will want to “like” the post and comment their thoughts and opinions because they may feel as though they matter. If your business is a restaurant in New Jersey, try posting a controversial question such as, “Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?” It will garner lots of engagement because fans will be tempted to tag friends and share the post for debate.

Emotional Appeal

If you want people to respond to your content, you need to strike an emotional cord with them. Being able to connect with your fans on an emotional level increases your chances of attracting fans’ attention. If you’re in the wedding planning industry, try posting emotional content such as, “We know how important your wedding day is, you’ve dreamt about it since you were a little girl.” Doing so will allure users and generate a response, ultimately prompting fans to engage and visit your business page, as well as encouraging them to share their personal experiences.

Add Compelling Imagery

We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well if you include images in your posts, you can potentially gain a thousand responses. According to Kissmetrics, posts with images receive 39% more interaction. This includes 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more clicks on links than text-based posts. By attaching a relevant image, users are compelled to curb their scrolling to engage in your post. An impactful image often generates “likes” from both your target audience and generic Facebook users because imagery can resonate with visitors better than text.

Include a Call to Action

Statistics from Brandwatch indicate that call to actions can increase click through rates by 2.85 times. The point of any post is to persuade Facebook users to take action. Once you’ve got their attention, incorporate a phrase to initiate some kind of action. Ideally, you want your post to convince fans to purchase your product or service. Some examples of a strong call to action (CTA) include:

  • Sign up for free!
  • Subscribe now!
  • Join for a free month!
  • Discover what we have to offer!
  • Learn more here!

Spark Interest

The most crucial factor for increasing Facebook engagement is creating content that attracts and encourages your fans to indulge in your post. This may be easier said than done, but you NEED to create content that your audience finds valuable. Think about it like this: how many pieces of content have you scrolled past on your crowded newsfeed? If your content does not stand out blends in with the rest of Facebook’s news feed, you can forget about trying to increase engagement.