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Tag: Online Contests

How to Plan an Instagram Contest

From sweepstakes on the back of cereal boxes to radio giveaways, people of all ages and demographics crave the chance to earn free prizes. Few things compare to the excitement
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Promoting on Facebook

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Are you having difficulty promoting your business and Facebook engagement on your page? Perhaps it’s because your content isn’t inviting to fan engagement. Your Facebook posts must give your fans
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Using Facebook Deals for Quickly Increasing Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Quality Not Quantity.  Can we say it enough?  (We don’t think so!) It’s the new “buzzphrase” in web marketing (ironic –really – it shouldn’t be a buzzphrase at all –
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Using Twitter for SEO

The first step to using Twitter as an optimization tool is opening an account. While Twitter seems straightforward, having a username and writing a few tweets does not automatically bring
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