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Using Facebook Deals for Quickly Increasing Engagement on Your Facebook Page


Quality Not Quantity.  Can we say it enough?  (We don’t think so!)

It’s the new “buzzphrase” in web marketing (ironic –really – it shouldn’t be a buzzphrase at all – the mantra should ALWAYS be quality over quantity), because the quantity aspect has been saturated.  Google is onto all of the sites that are gaming the system and with each upgrade to Google search it has been able to adapt its algorithm to discount those gaming tactics.  Likewise, Facebook has grown to reach enough people that its own algorithm requires businesses to post worthwhile, valuable content in order to reach the fans (even the fans that want to read the business’ news!)

Ideas for Giveaways on your Facebook Page

I know that we say this a lot, but it is important for you to realize that just because someone has “liked” your Facebook business page – it in no way guarantees that they will see all (or any) of your posts and updates.  Only about 1-3% of your Facebook followers will be served up your news UNLESS you pay Facebook to promote it.  That’s why when you posted that everything in your store was 25% off, you didn’t see any difference in foot traffic – because Facebook only shared the information with 1-3% of your followers.

The only way around this harsh cruel fact is to have HIGH ENGAGEMENT.  Which means having awesome posts that people interact with and comment on and share.  And in the case of a 25% off or other sale notice, do not be too subtle – make the post clear and encourage people to spread the news.  However, even this is not always an easy thing to accomplish.  It takes a lot of hard work and time and creativity to create engaging posts.

A terrific way to supplement engaging posts is to run promotions that encourage people to visit your Facebook Business Page several times a week.  If people visit your business page on Facebook, then they will be served up (organically) more of the news feed posts that you write.  Facebook sees that they have an interest in your company, and the Facebook algorithm then determines that they have an interest in what you are saying. …hmm you say – How do I do that?

The easiest way to do this is through giveaways.  People love receiving free stuff.  Just like the samples that are placed out at the grocery store in order to entice hungry stomachs, giveaways on Facebook are best done when they are offering a sample of your specialty.

Let’s say I own a tiny coffee shop and I want to have people visit my Facebook page every Wednesday.  I run a Wednesday deal.  Every week I think of something new (or it can be the same thing every week if you have a consistent sample to give out) and offer it as a Facebook deal.

The great thing about them is that you can limit deals.  So consider doing the following (these are ideas for a coffee shop that you can adapt to whatever business it is that you have).

  1. Half off a cup of coffee to the first 5 people to claim this deal.
  2. A free biscotti with a cup of coffee to the first 20 people to claim this deal (great when you need to unload a large amount of biscotti that is going stale!)
  3. Free coffee for a day to the first person to claim this deal
  4. Buy one pound get the second pound of coffee half off to the first 10 people to claim this deal.
  5. Want to have a limitless deal that anyone can claim and forward?  Maybe it’s a hot day and you haven’t seen any foot traffic.  You could offer:  Free iced tea from 12pm – 4pm today and make the deal “unlimited” in number of people that can claim it (just be sure to cap when the deal exists – and make it a closed window because that will keep you from overpromising what you can deliver).

I could go on all day.  Have overstocked items?  Offer them as Facebook deals.  It’s a two for one marketing ploy, you are getting rid of overstock AND making people feel like they are getting a special deal (they are!) by engaging with you and following your social media.

Remember – anything you post on Facebook should be fun as well as extending your brand.  You are interrupting people’s entertainment – the time they spend reading about and interacting with friends and family.  Unless you are offering them something interesting, or that will save them money, or that is worth interrupting their time for – they aren’t going to engage with you. For more ideas on Facebook deals or how to get started on creating them, reach out to our experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100.