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Author: JJ Abbott


The New Value of Links

Marketing has changed dramatically in the past two years – that is according to respondents in the Adobe study Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night? Based on the
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SEO is an Ongoing Investment — There Is No “Set It and Forget It”

Your website was built and optimized using SEO best practices and now someone has raised the issue of ongoing SEO.  For many businesses, this is a confusing proposition.  Why does
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seo-friendly urls

How to Create SEO Friendly URLs

When it comes to planning your SEO strategy, URLs are a key component. Search engines pick up on the relevance signals contained in a URL and use it as a
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moms and social media

How Social Media Can Help You Reach More Moms

While 75% of parents use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media channels to maintain relationships and find information, moms are more heavily engaged than dads, according to the 2015
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Snapchat for Small Businesses

Your business may have a following on Twitter and found success with Facebook promotions. Perhaps your services lend don’t themselves to visual content, and you had difficulty creating a home
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New Google Ad Layout

What the New Google Ad Layout Means for Your Business

Google had been testing changes to the ad layout for desktop search for a while, and the shift is now official. There are no more text ads on the right
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Keywords for Adwords

Refine Keywords to Save Ad Dollars

As advertisers increase spending on search ads and social formats, experts expect investment in digital media to exceed traditional formats in the very near future. Fueled in part by the
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Quality Links

How to Build Quality Links

Whether you read industry predictions about the demise of manual link building or follow broader-scale discussions about the displacement of workers due to technology, automation and artificial intelligence clearly impact
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social media at trade shows

Tips for Using Social Media at Trade Shows

If you’ve been to any social or business events lately, you must have noticed the ubiquitous hashtag, a content identifier that helps to spark conversations and connect people on social
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Post-Holiday SEO

Post-Holiday SEO: Where to Focus Now?

You optimized your website for the season, targeted keywords specific to this time of year, and customers searching for the “best holiday gift for women” flocked to your pages. Now
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