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Author: JJ Abbott

reputation management

Reputation Management for Online Business

Online privacy and discretion seem to be a major focus for people these days, as the pendulum starts to swing regarding personal information available online.  It was reported by Search
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Google Reviews and Your Medical Practice

“Insightful physicians will see [patient reviews] as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. This new era of online information can be especially useful in competitive medical environments.” So
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What Happened to The Beautiful, Branded Tabs on my Facebook Page??

Oh Facebook how you toy with us.  Anyone who has a Facebook Business Page to manage has likely been notified (via pop ups on the site) that the streamlined appearance
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Easy Steps for the Facebook Newbie

Imagine that someone created a worldwide marketplace, where almost every person on the planet stopped by once a day to see what was going on.  Would you want to have
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I thought Facebook Was Free: Hints for Spending Money Wisely on Social Media

There is a secret to getting information out to loyal followers on your Facebook Business Page:  Quality over Quantity.   It may not be the secret that you were hoping to
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Why Aren’t More of My Followers Seeing My Facebook Posts?

Social media was supposed to be the secret formula for success for small businesses trying to reach local audiences.  Social-Local-Mobile (SO-LO-MO) was the phrase that hit all of the buzz
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The Rising Value of Online Reviews

There is an online currency that’s value is increasing at such an exponential pace people doing whatever they can to get their hands on them.  “Oh yeah, that Bitcoin stuff”
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The Best Social Media Posts for Holidays

Often, the best social media posts to celebrate the holidays are the ones that do not exist.  Holiday greetings from brands via social media carry a big risk.  That is
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The importance of Videos for Small, Local Businesses

Because of the increasing influence that video has in search results and because more and more Internet searchers are watching videos returned in results, video can be a great driver
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Google Adwords Best Practices

Capturing those clicks requires a lot of tweaking, but there are a few simple steps that you can use when you are first creating your Google AdWords campaign that will
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