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How Social Media Can Help You Reach More Moms

moms and social media

While 75% of parents use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media channels to maintain relationships and find information, moms are more heavily engaged than dads, according to the 2015 “Parents and Social Media” study by the Pew Research Center and the University of Michigan’s School of Information. Small businesses should adopt multi-channel strategies aimed at providing moms with motivating content that meets their needs throughout the customer journey.

Why Do Moms Use Social Media?

Social media networks offer moms a means through which to connect with their networks over a range of human experiences. The Pew study revealed that moms give and receive support to the members of their network at a high level. As a means of connection, social media facilitates the sharing of good news, with moms indicating that they try to respond to good news shared in their network more frequently than dads. When bad news gets shared, moms also are likely to reach out and show support.

Although the study explored the social media usage of parents with children under age 18, the interactions it examined were not limited to those related to parenting. Moms are more likely than dads to find what they consider to be good parenting resources and guidance on social media, but their social media usage extends into all areas of their interests and passions. The majority of parents use social media as a resource for general information.

What are the Most Popular Social Media Channels Among Moms?

Facebook continues to be the most popular social media platform among parents, with 75% of online parents using it: 88% of moms and 61% of dads. Instagram is another channel that maintains more popularity among moms. Users of both platforms are likely to check the platform daily, with many doing so multiple times per day.

Reaching Moms Throughout the Customer Journey

Recent research released by Instagram provides some insight into the customer journey of moms using this particular platform, with takeaways for all social media campaigns. According to Instagram, one in four women over 18 using the platform are moms, and as with other users, they tend to follow accounts that match their interests. The good news for small businesses is that over 50% of them follow companies and learn about products on Instagram. Even better news is that 78% of them take action after viewing content that inspires them. Whether you are engaging with moms on social media, keep in mind that this is an audience that is actively seeking solutions, products, and information.

Connect Better with Moms on Social Media

The most challenging aspect of creating content for social media is to determine what will resonate with your audience. Moms are using social media to connect about personal experiences and find valuable and interesting information. Finding a human interest connection, providing up-to-date news or information, and creating content that is inspiring rather than simply promotional should resonate well. If you already have a social media campaign in place, take time to evaluate your past content. Compare posts that generated high levels of engagement with those that did not generate as much interest.

When developing an editorial calendar for social media, small businesses should take into account the experiences of moms throughout the year and particular seasons that may involve heightened social media activity, such as back-to-school time and holidays. Think about the type of information that moms are likely to be seeking throughout the year and gear your content toward their needs.

With moms having a high level of engagement on social media, small businesses should adopt a multi-channel strategy that addresses the customer journey from discovery to transaction. Along the way, make sure to provide content that resonates and is aligned with their overall purpose for using social media: general resource information and engagement over human experience. To discuss more, contact Premiere Creative or give us a call at (973) 346-8100