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How and Why to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page

Have you thought about creating a place where customers can gather to share what they enjoy about your business, connect with one another, and find all of the latest information about what you provide? If you don’t have a Facebook business page, you are missing out on a great opportunity for social marketing outreach. While ads and post boosts aren’t free, you shouldn’t let costs dissuade you from starting a page as there are multiple features in place that help you to control your budget and audience.

With the goal of reaching new customers and engaging your entire customer base, creating a Facebook page is a great way to create a social community centered around your business. Unlike the 140 character limit tweet or the Instagram photo, Facebook is designed for conversations and sharing more detailed information. These are the posts that Facebook users are likely to remember and share with their friends on and off-line. As more people like your page and your posts, your fan base expands and so does your group of potential customers.

Creating a Facebook Page

So, let’s create your new page. If you don’t already have a Facebook page for individual use, you will need to create one first. Once you have created a user account, you can select the “create page” option from the drop-down menu under the arrow on the upper right corner of the screen.

Next indicate what type of business you operate. Are you a company, local business, or brand/product?

If you own one store or are open to the public, the local business category will be the best fit. Once selected, the local business option will prompt you to select an industry-specific category, with choices including restaurant/café, professional services, spas/beauty/personal care and many others.

If you operate out of multiple locations (or aren’t open to the public at all), the company option is usually the best choice, but now is the time to consider your social media policy. Managing one company page allows for centralization of posting while still allowing you to list multiple offices or stores. However, if there is a business-specific advantage to allowing staff at each location to post and manage content under set guidelines, you could consider operating multiple local business pages. Once selected, the company category will prompt you to select an industry-specific category such as consulting/business services, food/beverages, or travel/leisure.

If you sell products through multiple retailers or websites, brand or product may be the best option for your business. Categories within this option include app page, clothing, and outdoor gear, as examples.

Other Considerations

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the type of page that is best for your business, and in some instances you may need multiple pages. Think about where your customers are likely to go for information. A company page is a great place to talk about how and why your company was founded, what type of charity work you support, and what types of products or services you offer. Brand pages may be additional places for you to discuss news and information on specific brands you want to distinguish. They also may be useful when you are trying to popularize your brand rather than your company itself. It is helpful to take a look at the pages of large companies and major brands to study how they navigate the options and present content on multiple pages.

Once you have selected the type of page and category that best suits your business, you will enter information on operating hours, location, and other basic details. The information will vary based on what type of page you have selected.

Using Your Facebook Business Page

Now you can add more information including your website, a description of what you provide, and profile and cover photos that best represent your business. As you build your page, keep in mind that you want to keep content fresh and interesting. Facebook is a social platform, and you can encourage engagement with your business by stimulating conversations and being interactive. Strike a balance between company news and content from other sources to provide ongoing value for your customers. Let us help you build your Facebook page by contacting us at Premiere Creative and giving us a call at (973) 346-8100.