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The Value of a Facebook Business Page

Facebook business page

You might have heard that Facebook’s popularity is decreasing with teens or that business owners are disgruntled about limited reach and the costs associated with advertising to users. There is no doubt that it is becoming more expensive to advertise on the social media platform. This is particularly true if you are implementing a web marketing strategy that can be likened to classified ads in which you are pushing particular products or services frequently. And yes, teens may be less active on Facebook as they turn to Instagram, Twitter and social messaging apps. Yet despite predictions about the decline of Facebook, it is still the most popular social media platform, and this likely won’t change for a while.

Who is on Facebook?

The majority of us are on Facebook. In fact, recent statistics indicate that 71% of adult internet users, and 58% of all adults use this platform. We mainly enjoy the photos and videos posted by our friends, the ability to share our own with so many people at the same time, and the status updates of our network, particularly the funny ones. Many people who are not on Facebook themselves have household members who belong to the social network, and they admit to looking at photos and posts. When you consider the sheer amount of people touched by Facebook, it is easy to see that it presents your business with an opportunity to engage with so many potential customers.

Using Facebook Content to Your Advantage

Among the less popular reasons that Facebook users enjoy the site include keeping up with the general news. We don’t join a social network for general information or to be bombarded with ads, and we usually don’t make purchases simply because they have popped up while we are on the site. We are interested in valuable content and interaction.

When you decide to start a Facebook page for your business, think about your customers’ interests and ways to cultivate their engagement. Rather than trying to keep up with how your competitors are using the platform, spend some time learning about the culture of Facebook and how your customer base participates in it. Think about the natural intersections between their common interests and your expertise. A wedding venue may spark dialogue about trends and share tips that will benefit engaged couples. Health and wellness companies may provide valuable information on organic living. Remember to reward customer loyalty and include information on sales and other promotions in the overall mix of your content.

When you focus on being a consistent source of value to your customers, you will begin to earn fans, but resist the temptation to focus strictly on the numbers. There is little value in someone becoming a fan of your page and never reading your content again. You want to see your reach grow over time, but the quality and rate of your interactions (likes, comments, and shares) is more indicative of successful Facebook marketing than the number of fans you accumulate.

Reconsidering Your Approach to Facebook

With engagement rates as your focus, you have a better chance of keeping current customers connected to your business and reaching new ones who share many of the same characteristics. Friends of your fans often will have similar interests and mindsets, and they are likely to be interested in your product or service. Remember that Facebook is a social network, and the connections of your fans are the next level when spreading the message about your business socially. If you would like help managing your Facebook Business page, contact us at Premiere Creative or give us a call at (973) 346-8100.