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Why Pinterest Keyword Descriptions are Important for SEO

SEO for Pinterest

With more than 150 million monthly active users, Pinterest remains a key social platform for businesses to increase traffic to their website. Creating valuable pins lets businesses obtain loyal followers, gain visibility on search engines and appear higher in organic search results. Pinterest ultimately works in the same manner as a search engine, thus, Pinterest requires its’ own SEO strategy. The digital experts at Premiere Creative are here to share why Pinterest keyword descriptions are important for SEO.

Why Pinterest SEO is Essential

Yes, Pinterest is the online digital collage of image content. You can categorize content through targeted descriptive keywords, pin information, and a board title; three areas that Pinterest uses to identify each pin to connect users who search for relevant words; ergo curating your post. Simple Pin Media defines “keywording” as the process of adding specific words from your niche allowing Pinterest users to find the content they are searching for. Pinterest descriptions are a vital, behind-the-scenes aspect for ensuring optimized content. When used correctly, Pinterest content increases website traffic by optimizing pins to increase search rank, and appear higher on newsfeeds. To ensure your content remains optimized, Pinterest looks at the content’s description, image, links, boards, and engagement.

Choosing Concise Keywords to Shorten Descriptions

How can a visually-centered social media platform make an impact on a pin’s click-through-rate (CTR)? While images initially attract users to content, pin descriptions give users the incentive to click through to the content. A detailed description allows the user to decide if they find the content valuable, or if they consider it spam.

It is important to understand that the Pinterest app varies from platform to platform, making keyword description choices crucial for clicks. The Pinterest mobile app on iOS devices displays showing 3 lines and 26 characters, whereas an individual pin page displays 4 lines and 40 characters.

How Detailed Should Your Pin Be?

Businesses can successfully reach their niche market by using specific words to describe their consumer profile. Whether you are a business offer luxury travel, manufactured products, or real estate, use words revolving around the profile of your target consumer. You may also describe the product itself; as this is the method searchers will stumble upon your content.

Businesses can gain attention by using concise action lies in descriptive subtitles rather than wordy descriptions. Businesses can do so by understanding their target audience and then formulating a straightforward approach to selling their item through keywords.

Where To Place Pinterest Keywords

Title each Pinterest board with keywords to accurately reflect its content and integrate the keywords you want to rank for. Though this may seem boring, using SEO-friendly titles reach far more users than using wacky, comprehensive, or creative out-of-the-box titles. To increase click-through-rates (CTR) with less time to catch user’s attention, place keywords in the front of your descriptions as people searching for certain topics will be able to match your content easier. SEO knows that spammers often hide keywords in non-visible parts of the content, but businesses can optimize their pins by place keywords in the alt-text; allowing those keywords to repin.

Pin descriptions will show up as the text in results on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), so include a call to action. However, call-to-actions should be at the end of descriptions if there is space left to do so as it is more important that descriptions are accurate and to the point. Businesses should also consider using keywords in their business title and profile description ensuring users how their company can be of service to them.

Start Pinning & Refining Your Pinterest Keywords!

Social media interfaces across the digital landscape are ever-changing and evolving. And while Pinterest’s newsfeed is almost entirely visual, Pinterest SEO still relies on descriptions to optimize content. Users can connect with your pins on various platforms from websites, tablets, and mobile apps, and can create an even larger following through re-pins. Despite changes to create a less wordy appearance on a Pinterest newsfeed, you still need to spend time writing descriptions on pins to ensure maximum visibility. For more insight in choosing the right keywords and optimizing your digital presence through Pinterest, contact Premiere Creative’s social media experts today or give us a call at (973) 346-8100! Make sure to check out our guide for Pinterest Advertising.