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Tag: Branded Keywords

Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO: 5 Crucial Factors to Know

Welcome to the bustling online marketplace known as Amazon. Whether you’re a new seller, an established eCommerce business, or a seasoned digital marketing professional, you must master Amazon Search Engine
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Ad Targeting

Unlocking Advertising Success: A Comprehensive Guide to Campaign Targeting Methods

In the dynamic realm of digital advertising, precision is crucial. Every click, every impression, and every conversion count towards the ultimate goal of driving revenue and growth. This blog will
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Amazon A+ Content

Navigating Amazon A+ Content Effectively 

Utilizing rich and engaging material, Amazon A+ Content allows customers a glance into your brand vision in a unique way. The exclusive blend of written and visual content capabilities intrigues
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Quality Scores: Improve Your Google Ad Performance

If you hope to transform into a PPC guru, then you’ll need to develop a solid understanding of your Quality Score since this number can influence the success you see
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seo keywords

Should I Use Branded Keywords?

Identifying, analyzing, targeting, and ranking for keywords are critical steps to any SEO or PPC campaign’s success. After all, the keywords you aim for will determine the audience demographic you
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seo keywords

Your Guide to SEO Keywords in 2020

The purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) is to guide websites to higher rankings in organic search results. With a clear goal of driving more traffic from search queries, SEO
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Amazon Advertising Platform

How to Win with Amazon’s Marketing Platform

As Amazon continues to tighten its grip around global e-commerce, advertisers flock to its exploding advertising platform with massive budgets and uncertain expectations. Although Amazon delivers customers at unmatched scale, advertisers find
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SEO for Pinterest

Why Pinterest Keyword Descriptions are Important for SEO

With more than 150 million monthly active users, Pinterest remains a key social platform for businesses to increase traffic to their website. Creating valuable pins lets businesses obtain loyal followers,
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Using Twitter for SEO

The first step to using Twitter as an optimization tool is opening an account. While Twitter seems straightforward, having a username and writing a few tweets does not automatically bring
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Analyzing Keywords for Best SEO

In our last post, we mentioned that there are two things to consider when identifying your SEO keywords. In today’s update, we cover the second half of the keyword identification
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