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The Top 10 SEO Blogs of 2017

Best SEO Blogs

All throughout 2017, Premiere Creative offered helpful digital marketing tips, as well as provide answers to our reader’s pressing questions related to search engine optimization. As 2017 comes to an end, let’s take a trip down memory lane and examine 10 SEO blogs that helped make huge strives for business in 2017.

10). Five Ways SEO Has Changed Over the Last Decade

Digital marketing is ever changing, especially when it comes to advancements and practices in SEO. If you take a look back several years, you can clearly notice a change in the way we optimize websites for search engines. Once standards methods are now obsolete, your consumer’s search habits have evolved, and Google has forced the entire Internet to overhaul their efforts for building rank. As we soon enter 2018, this blog recaps ten years of SEO tactics to help propel your business forward in 2018.

9). How to Write SEO Content

The cornerstone of any SEO campaign lies in its content. But merely creating content isn’t enough; brands also face the challenge of writing high-quality content. To find out what Google deems appropriate high-quality content for your website, we’ve created a helpful checklist. Be sure to click on over to our blog to view this trusty guide the next time you write SEO content for your website.

8). When Will My SEO Be Done?

Ah yes, the age-old question. Many prospective clients inquire how long SEO will take before they see results. But many people fail to understand that there is no set timeline for when SEO will start producing results, or when the process will end. Discover why SEO isn’t a one-and-done action and why it requires constant monitoring and dedication by reading our blog.

7). SEO Tips for Better Google Image Search Results

Bet you didn’t know that you could optimize your images to appear higher on search engines, right? While they say a picture is worth a thousand words, a properly optimized picture is worth a spot on the first page of Google. In this blog, we teach you how to optimize your images to give your website a boost on search engines.

6). How to Integrate SEO Into Your Website’s Design

While many businesses think SEO only refers to content such as blog posts or images, your website also requires an SEO-friendly web design. There’s no denying that owning a well-designed website is great, but if you want consumers to discover your website, we highly recommend giving your website the boost that it desperately needs – by implementing the SEO tactics in this blog.

5). How Will Virtual Assistants Affect SEO?

Siri and Alexa may be able to help answer your questions, but can they help improve your presence on the Internet? Believe it or not, more brands now use virtual assistants to help strengthen their SEO efforts. Why? Because virtual assistants can understand keyword density and Google’s algorithm! Discover how else virtual assistants will soon alter the entire SEO landscape by reading this captivating blog.

4). Why Pinterest Keyword Descriptions are Important for SEO

Many “pinners” use this social platform to draw artistic inspiration and find quick recipes, but how can the keywords you see in all over boards benefit your business? For professionals in the digital marketing industry, Pinterest offers a goldmine of untapped opportunity to strengthen a company’s digital presence. Any brand with a business Pinterest account can increase their pin impressions with a click of the mouse after reading this blog.

3). Easy SEO Tactics to Optimize Your Website

Many brands can easily miss a plethora of SEO optimization opportunities by simply neglecting their website. But by making a few easy changes, you can make your website more SEO friendly and improve your company’s visibility on search engines. While the major changes are best left to the experts, start implementing the few easy changes found in this blog today.

2). How to Maximize Your Website’s Traffic

Do you want to increase traffic to your website? While this can certainly help reach your goals by producing more leads, it won’t be the end-all solution. As anyone who works with SEO already knows, more traffic doesn’t always mean better traffic. Read our insightful blog to learn how your website can generate more high-quality traffic.

1). How to Rank High on Google

If ranking high on Google were easy and clear-cut, digital marketers would be out of a job. In actuality, search engines use a variety of methods to determine the websites displayed first in Google’s SERPs. While Google’s exact formula is a well-kept secret, there are a few tried and proven actions digital experts use to reach the top. For anyone that wishes to climb to the top of Google, unlock the secrets of SEO in this captivating blog.

SEO Predictions For 2018

If you found our blogs more than helpful, we have more compelling blog articles in store for 2018. As we enter the New Year, be sure to make a resolution to visit our blog more often for helpful tips and answers to your marketing-related questions. Feel free to contact us for more information or give us a call at (973) 346-8100. Join us next week as we take a look at this year’s final round-up of 2017’s top blogs. In the next session, we’ll explore our top-performing Digital Marketing blogs.