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The Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2017

Best Social Media Blogs

The digital landscape can all change with a click of the mouse. A simple refresh can change an entire inner face of a social site while adding a simple hashtag can launch a post into a whirlwind of attention. So it should come as no surprise that the social media experts at Premiere Creative have gathered a top ten list of monumental social media strides throughout 2017.

Whether you are a business owner or an avid follower, our list offers invaluable insight that will help guide you to social media marketing success in 2018.

10). How to use Instagram for Business

With 60% of Instagram users logging on daily, this blog packs plenty of reasons why you should switch to a business account. Not only that, but let us best guide you how to hashtag, the image selection process, and engagement tricks to turn fans into customers insta-ntly!

9). How to Create a LinkedIn Ad

While this industry-oriented social platform can “link” you to the right people, how can small businesses go a step further to zero in to target their ideal consumer? Our insightful blog will go the extra mile to show you how to transform connections into consumers with the right ad strategies, bidding, and audience targeting.

8). Perfecting Persuasion for Social Media

Does your content have the power to stop thumbs from scrolling past it? The secret lies in the art of persuasion. Discover how your business can leverage visual content, social proof, and authority to make your brand stand out from the competition. Check out how your business can perfectly persuade customers in our blog.

7). Must-Have Visual Content for Social Media Marketing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to your social media content, a quality picture is worth far more. Did you know that content, coupled with an image, receives 94% more views than text alone? To get the most out of your content, entice your followers and fans with trending must-have visual content found in our blog post.

6). 6 Tips To Broadcast On Facebook Live

Real-time videos continue to sweep the nation and are here to stay. In 2017, Facebook Live videos created a new wave of real-time, effectively changing businesses using the social network. If you are looking to show face and reach potential customers on your business’s page feed, then look no further, and polish your skills with our tips to broadcast on Facebook Live, in our blog.

5). 5 Ways to Generate Leads on Snapchat

Rising to over 150 million active users in 2017, Snapchat can introduce a whole market of potential consumers for your brand. But how do you tap into this social app to gather leads? We’ll show you 5 ways how you can generate leads on Snapchat using Q&A, real-time marketing, gamifying discount offers, and so much more.

4). How to Select Images for Facebook Ads

Adding an image to your ad garners clicks; but to maximize your ads potential, you will need to add the right image to represent your brand and catch users’ attention. Our guide to selecting images for Facebook ads will help you select an image that’s interesting, high quality, appropriately sized, and most importantly—click-worthy.

3). How to use Facebook for Healthcare Advertising

Facebook offers great potential for medical practices by sharing important health updates and information about the practice to the community. Through proper advertising, Facebook offers doctors an important vehicle to entice new patients and offer them the healthcare they need. Learn easy steps to use Facebook for healthcare advertising in our blog.

2). Using New Twitter Features to Grow Engagement

Twitter’s true value is not about the number of followers or volume of posts, but by how well a brand can engage with fans. Whether you’re new to Twitter or are wondering why your following is tanking, we can help you skyrocket your engagement to translate into stellar rapport with potential consumers in this blog.

1). Why Snapchat Is Better Than Facebook

It’s no shock that Facebook wanted to surpass its rival, Snapchat, by buying out the social media giant. But is Snapchat really the better option for brands to use a pedestal to reach consumers? Read our blog to understand what Snapchat can offer companies that Facebook cannot.

How Businesses Can Stay Social in 2018

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a fortune 500 company, social media can springboard your products in front of the eyes of countless potential consumers. With a social media marketing strategy, the right ads and target audience, a top digital marketing agency near you can transform your brand and increase your ROI and sales for 2018. To get started, contact the experts at Premiere Creative today or give us a call at (973) 346-8100! Come join us next week as we continue to delve into this year’s top blogs by examining our favorite SEO blogs.