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How to Persuade Customers on Social Media

Persuasion Social Media

As social media continues to become ubiquitous, it is almost impossible to stop thumbing through content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for personal or business interests. To persuade and convert new customers, businesses must understand how heavily people rely on social media when shopping, researching, and consuming content. According to some industry experts, 90% of all business marketers agree valiant social media efforts have generated a boom in marketing exposure for their business.

This belief holds merit, as now consumers prefer to engage with a business online rather than in person. To survive and beat the competition in any industry, the social media experts at Premiere Creative offer marketing insight on how to persuade customers on social media.

Use Social Proof

In order for clientele to want to follow your business, you need to offer outcomes and results. Social proof essentially uses your current market and customers to convince the potential market to buy your product and service. In addition, it can help increase your ROI. Companies can exhibit social proof through text-based content by way of testimonials. Many marketing experts believe pairing text content with a visual is a solid method to convert customers. Companies can use visuals to display satisfied customers photo or a photo contest. Businesses can also use numbers as backing either by acknowledging their 1k followers and mention ratings.

Visual Content

So how do you persuade customers, fans and gain followers? Conversion rates skyrocket when accompanied with a visual aid. Businesses need to set themselves apart by capitalizing on strong visual content—there would be no Instagram without it. GIFs, videos, and photographs are tools to entice and engage consumers with your brand. In addition, couple an image with a question or call to action to trigger a tweet or click, thus doubling your engagement efforts.

Shared Interests

Targeted advertising occurs when consumers search the web and find website suggestions that relate to their interests. Facebook, in particular, offers customizable preferences allowing businesses to reach the desired demographic. Targeted advertising proves to be beneficial for businesses because it focuses on certain traits and reaching consumers likely to have a strong interest. Targeted advertising increases exposure as people with similar interest will likely share and tag your business with friends.

Reaching a larger population by having your business spread among multiple media platforms will increase exposure. Thus companies need to analyze and measure all social media traffic platforms against their audience. Furthermore, businesses need to evaluate how their business could benefit from marketing content across different social media platforms.

Get Verified

Businesses can showcase credibility by getting their various social media handle verified. A tiny blue badge next to your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handle sends a clear message to fans that your business is stamped with approval. In addition, verification sets your page apart from any imposters. The verification process may mandate the social media account holder provide information regarding the business page, or receive an email verification to access a code.

Show Your Authority

Today, many social media users look to use platforms for news and information. Facebook reported a whopping 1.94 billion active monthly users. In addition, the ‘like” and “share” buttons spread information from over 10 million websites per day proving businesses heavily rely on social media to increase traffic. Social media grants businesses numerous opportunities as now they have more creditability regarding their services. Consumers can connect online, read the reviews, and evaluate any product they choose.

Social media also allows for businesses and clients to have an open conversation with the public about specific products. To find out how your business can generate high-quality visual content that resonates with customers on a regular basis, contact the social media experts at Premiere Creative today.