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Must-Have Visual Content for Social Media Marketing in 2017

Visual Content

In the digital landscape, new visual content continues to expand. In 2017, weighty words and endless content can deter people from reading your website or blogs. Reports show that 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, ahead of blogs (68%) and videos (60%). To keep up with industry competition, win new business prospects, impress customers, and boost ROI, marketers need to familiarize themselves with the latest trends that go far beyond making sure an image posted is high-resolution.

From Pinterest to Snapchat, he digital marketing experts at Premiere Creative offer must-have visual content to use across all social media platforms. Learn which visual content – whether it is infographics or memes – best fits your industry, brand, and message.

Where Should You Use Images?

Whether writing a blog or crafting website page content, images provide a way to split up text that could be perceived as monotonous to readers. In fact, studies show that blogs and articles with striking images receive 94% more views. In like manner, the hi-resolution image you choose to promote can make or break post engagement, especially on Instagram and Pinterest. You can also use a compelling image as a standalone to showcase a product, satisfied customers, and promotions.

While websites like Shutterstock and iStock offer high-quality images for purchase, marketers have the option to visit royalty free sites and free photo-sharing sites to avoid breaking the bank. Though these sites may require a little more digging for an ideal image, sites such as and continue to rise in popularity. If you have an eye for photography, why not edit your own photos using mobile apps? According to Forbes, the best mobile photo editing apps include Adobe Photoshop Express, Camera 360, DarkRoom, Camera+, Fontcandy, and Flickr.

Are Memes Appropriate?

Yes! Memes offer a fun alternative to plain text. Why not get your point across with a caption, quote from a thought leader with and humorous photo? Similar to a comic allow marketers to create and serve a purpose in content marketing. Typically light-hearted and fun, memes can provide humor while remaining catchy and informative. In fact, GE and other Fortune 500 companies utilize memes for engagement both internally among employees, as well as to win customers. Businesses can use memes to internally promote webinars, use them in email blasts, customer service, and boost employee morale. Finally, memes are quickly replacing whitepaper by capturing the reader through humor and creativity.

What is an Infographic?

An infographic is a graphic chart or diagram that uses various colors, shapes, and fonts to streamline and simplify complex data. Infographics often accompany keynotes of a presentation and serve well on landing pages to summarize content. According to Marketo, infographics can summarize white paper or survey content as well as address any issues in a visual way.

Do Videos Reach More Consumers?

Animoto reports over 7 billion videos consumed between Facebook and YouTube daily. With a shorter attention span, marketers can shift their efforts into offering videos to market their company and product. Consumers are 4x more likely to watch a video about a product than read about it. That means, instead of writing a how-to blog, brands should film a how-to video in order to reach a wider audience. At the same time, companies can use video content to give a behind-the-scenes into their business by way of a video explaining a production process, a face to face with employees answering FAQs to feature on a website and social channels as posts. You can also market by showcasing customer testimonials or demonstration videos. Marketers can connect on social platforms with real-time footage on Facebook Live or an Instagram story.

Why Visual Content Works

Visual content is proven to resonate better with customers. Brainwave reports that people remember only 10% of that information they hear. Meanwhile, a relevant image paired with that same information, helps people retain 65% of the information up to three days later. By analyzing your target audience businesses can leverage these various visual content through online content or social media. The digital marketers at Premiere Creative can get our started today with all the necessary tools and tactics to create the most eye-catching and thumb-stopping visual content for your brand. Give us a call at (973) 346-8100 to talk to one of our social media experts on hand.