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Tag: Infographics

SEO Content vs. SEO Copywriting

Your Guide to SEO Content & Copywriting

Despite some marketers using the two terms synonymously, an SEO content writer is not an SEO copywriter. A copywriter and content writer’s responsibilities are often misunderstood; and although there is
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Visual Content

Must-Have Visual Content for Social Media Marketing in 2017

In the digital landscape, new visual content continues to expand. In 2017, weighty words and endless content can deter people from reading your website or blogs. Reports show that 74%
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Website Layout vs. Content: Which Brings More Traffic?

Google Instant Preview allows users to see a small screenshot of your website before choosing a search engine result. Do users read the tiny text, or look at a visual?
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5 Must-Know Tips For Generating Viral Content

Going viral on the Internet is a great way to reach a wide audience and generate interest in your products and services. As long as the content that is going
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