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Using New Twitter Features to Grow Engagement

Twitter Engagement Features

Imagine yourself in a room full of potential customers, and you’re presenting the best speech you’ve ever written. This speech contains a plethora of creative ideas, thought-provoking key points, and a sprinkle of humor. To your surprise, you look up to a sea of heads looking down at their phones, completely uninterested. Now picture the same thing occurring when you publish your content on Twitter.

What do you do when you publish your best content, but nobody cares enough to click on it?

A lot of brands have trouble getting their content noticed at one point or another, which can be quite frustrating once you’ve racked up a lot of followers. What’s the point of having 10,000 followers if your tweets fall on deaf ears? In actuality, Twitter’s true value lies in its engagement; unless your followers actively engage with you, you’re wasting your time and effort. Building an engaging following is a lot like growing vegetables in a garden; it takes planning, strategy, and most importantly time. For brands struggling to facilitate engagement, try the following Twitter tactics.

Proactively Engage

Businesses must be proactive on this social media platform by actively finding them, following them, and enticing different handles to follow your brand. It can be surprising how much growth a half hour a day spent engaging can bolster your social media account. You need to engage your followers instead of trying to increase your number of Twitter followers. In other words, post content that your newly obtained followers will want to read and enjoy reading. Depending on your company or business, curate topics that are relevant to your industry and consumers. Also, take engagement further by networking and sparking conversations with your consumers. The bottom line is that you cannot wait or rely on new followers to magically find you.

Optimizing Your Profile

First impressions still matter, even on social media. The first thing a prospective follower will see is your profile, so you will want to make it as compelling as possible by optimizing the following areas:

  • Complete your company bio explaining exactly what you or your company is about. It should be short and sweet, literally. Be friendly and be brief.
  • Utilize business related keywords and hashtag, even emojis.
  • Include your company website for an easy link from your social media account to your official business site.
  • Select your photo you can use your company logo or if you are an entrepreneur you’re your headshot. It should show the audience what the company does or offers.

Choose an obvious and simple Twitter name, known as a handle. It should be relevant to your business and tell your potential followers exactly what you are ex: @PremiereWebSEO.

Attracting and Retaining Followers

Your target audience should be able to relate to your product or company. They show an interest in what you are offering, and so you want to promote your business, answer any questions and find out your consumers’ concerns, wants and needs. Avoid soliciting followers to make purchases as consumers may feel pressured and deter from your business. Simply engage in conversation and perhaps offer professional expertise to show followers that your business is credible and knowledgeable. In order to build a reputation and strong following, you must be subtle and not beg for people to follow you and like your posts.

Search Tactics on Twitter

When you’re searching through twitter for potential followers and relative accounts, operators are essential in helping you to filter out unnecessary and unrelated accounts. Type in -filter: links after a search to eliminate tweets with links that promote themselves or other companies. This will limit your feed to only conversations and individual postings. Quotation marks around your search also enable you to search for those exact terms and only them, excluding other phrases or related posts. If you add a question mark to your search, it will show only questions, which is ideal because you can chime in with answers to those questions.

Character Count and Connections

Twitter has been improving its network. One major change is that replies to a person or tagging someone in a post do not count towards the character count. Images and link are also excluded from the character count, increasing your company’s opportunity to post influential information. Twitter is also incorporating a connect Tab which will help users socialize with one another. That means any potential followers or clients that have an interest in your company’s niche will have the opportunity to directly socialize with you. This includes private conversations and group conversations, thus enabling businesses to facilitate interaction with others.

The More Tweets, the More Followers

The more you tweet and repost, the more followers you will get. Treat your Twitter like a best friend that you always want to update, hear from, and respond to. If your Twitter becomes a top priority, you will see improvement in your company’s social media engagement. Premiere Creative specializes in this market research and offers a variety of tactics to appeal and engage followers to best promote your business. Contact us today! Make sure to check out our post on Twitter Ads.