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Ways to Engage on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for social media. Although you can only interact in 140 characters or less, there are many ways to network with your friends, customers and people in your industry. A few tips for newcomers: Be sure to set up your profile and add a bio, your photo and a link to your website. These three things will help you from the start, otherwise no one will know who you are. Here are some ways to start engaging:

  • Start by following people you are interested in. Whether it be their blog posts they link to or the helpful industry tips they share.
  • In 140 characters or less, start postings some useful tips or facts of your own. Contributing to the conversation will peak people’s interests and potentially lead to a conversation.
  • Share your content. If you have a blog, Twitter is a great way to share your content. Link to your blog post and share the title or some teaser text to pull in readers.
  • Retweet or reply to others. If you read something interesting on Twitter, acknowledge it. If you click a link that brings you to an interesting article, retweet it to your followers. By being social, you can help others get noticed as well.
  • Answer questions. If others ask a question on Twitter, respond. This is the easiest way to start a conversation.
  • Thank your followers for sharing your content, retweeting you or even answering your questions. There are tons of ways to thank people on Twitter and a “thank you” goes a long way, people appreciate it.
  • Post photos. There are tons of Twitter apps for postings photos (Instagram, TwitPic, yfrog and more). Everyone loves photos!
  • Build Twitter lists. An easy way to organize your followers is to build lists. You can sort people out by adding them to industry lists. It’s also an easy way to read related tweets

These are just some simple tips to help you get started on Twitter. The social platform is a great way to engage, whether it’s personally or through your business personality. Follow us on Twitter @PremiereWebSEO and join our conversation!