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Using Google+ for Business

Google’s latest social platform, Google+ is buzzing and has been for a while. There are some great ways to get your business involved. Although there are still some questions about how this platform affects your ranking, there’s no way it can hurt your business. Here are some tips to get your started with Google+.

Similar to Facebook, in order to create a business page, you have to have a personal profile. Sign up for a personal profile first and be sure to fill out as much information as possible (including your professional background). Once you are comfortable with your profile, you can create a business page. The business page can be accessed through your personal page.

Setting up your Google+ page is pretty simple. Be sure to provide as much detailed information as you can, including the history of the business, some background and the services you provide. When you add your address and phone number, Google will automatically link them to the map, making it easier for users to get directions.

After setting up your business profile, you’re ready to go public and start engaging. All posts should be public so Google can find them, this will help with your ranking and it’s also a great way for people to find you. Next, start building your circles. Like other social platforms, a large part of building your presence is engaging. Post interesting content, share and comment on other business’ posts and start conversations with others users in your industry (and even beyond). Interaction will help build your audience and eventually help increase your circles and presence on Google+.

Continue to build your profile by adding links to your other social pages (Facebook, Twitter and your blog). You can also upload video content through the YouTube integration. Once you start posting and commenting on others’ posts, you will quickly see an increase in your presence.