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How to Select Images for Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Images

Choosing an appropriate photo for your Facebook ad can have a greater impact than you believe. After all, the accompanying photo on your Facebook ad is what draws people in. If you choose an attractive image, your ad will become more clickable to those scrolling past it on their news feeds. Are you unsure which image you should choose for your Facebook ad? These tips will help you select the perfect image for your Facebook ad!

Choose High-Quality and Interesting Images

If you want your ad to perform well, then the images that you select for your Facebook ad needs to be unique. While stock photos are readily available, they probably won’t help produce your desired results. Using the same stock photos as everyone else will not set your brand apart from competitors. More importantly, viewers will not pay any interest in your ad if they’ve seen the same generic stock photo countless times. The best way to ensure your photo remains unique is to create one yourself. Not only will this ensure originality, it may actually be more economically friendly than purchasing stock images.

When choosing your images, make sure your photo remains relevant to your industry and brand. According to HubSpot, users spend more time looking at ads with relevant images. If you select a new photo that is aesthetically pleasing and fun to look at, the chances of your ad getting clicked-on are noticeably higher.

Enhance With Color and Sizing

You need to consider platform dimensions when choosing an image for your Facebook ad. For instance, Facebook’s logo and background colors are blue and white, creating an easy-to-use template. It is important that you do not blend in but rather use eye-catching, vibrant colors to help your ad stand out. Red and orange tend to contrast with Facebook’s colors. But choosing the right color is only half the battle! You also need to take the photo’s dimensions into consideration. Check to make sure that your ad is a high-resolution graphic to ensure it appears clear and professional. Furthermore, be sure the creative copy jumps out and is easy to read across mobile, and tablet device settings.

Try avoiding cluttered images with too many small details. Also steer clear from images that are copy heavy. Not only does too much text violate Facebook’s ad policy, but also it deters users. Studies show that simple photos with eye-catching colors and minimal text usually perform the best on Facebook news feeds. If you choose to use text in your Facebook ad image, remember to keep it simple. In fact, the fewer words the better. Try using short and simple words like “free,” “sale,” or “win.” Words like these tend to arrest people’s attention, especially when coupled with clear and concise ad copy.

Uplifting Images and Recognizable Logos

Statistics show that featuring positive images in your ads will grab people’s attention. According to Forbes, Americans have a deepening identification with their pets; so including images with pets may resonate better with avid animal lovers. Thus, brands can leverage this emerging trend.

Images that evoke strong, positive feelings may determine whether someone scrolls past your ad. Your ad can garner higher engagement if you incorporate iconic logos in your Facebook ad image. If viewers see and recognize the logo in the ad, they’re more likely to remember your brand in the future. If you choose to incorporate iconic logos or images, make sure your ad’s image complies with copyright laws.

Test Each Ad

Once you’ve selected your image, you need to test your ads to measure its effectiveness. Known as A/B testing, changing certain elements in your ad will help you identify what works, and what needs improvement. A/B testing also acts as a foundation for targeting your audience and developing a remarketing campaign. The changes that you implement don’t need to be drastic. In fact, the elements you test can be as small as changing colors or a word in a line of text.

Facebook allows you to measure page engagement with Facebook Insights. You can use these capabilities to see how many people click on each ad, and if they are meeting your conversion goals. Do ads featuring an animal or child perform better than an ad featuring your product or service? Are your Facebook users responding better to images featuring the color red rather than blue? Once you see which advertisement was better received, you can then begin to create similar ad campaigns, thereby simplifying the creative process.

Creating a Picture Perfect Ad

According to HubSpot, people check Facebook 13.8 times a day on average. Despite high Facebook usage, many brands report a low ROI. Do not let your Facebook ads blend into the news feed’s clutter. The first step to allowing your ads to stand out involves choosing a unique image. To create a thumb-stopping ad with high CTRs, contact the social media gurus at Premiere Creative today or give us a call at (973) 346-8100.