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Author: Macaire Machado

Facebook Ad Images

How to Select Images for Facebook Ads

Choosing an appropriate photo for your Facebook ad can have a greater impact than you believe. After all, the accompanying photo on your Facebook ad is what draws people in.
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How SEO Has Changed

5 Ways SEO Has Changed Over the Last Decade

Ask any digital marketing expert and they’ll lament how drastically search engine optimization (SEO) changed over the last 10 years. In its early stages, SEO was as simple as accruing
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6-second ad

What Marketers Need to Know About 6-Second Facebook Ads

As the rise of advertising on social networks continues, so does the rise of implementing a new style of video in advertising. Video advertisements encompass an important aspect of advertising,
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Facebook Healthcare Marketing

How to Use Facebook for Healthcare Advertising

According to Content Marketing Institution, healthcare marketers use social media less often than other marketers. But in the digital age, healthcare providers cannot afford to neglect a presence on social
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