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How to Write SEO Content

Writing SEO Content

If you’re reading this, your business most likely does not appear within the first couple of spaces on Google’s SERPs, let alone the sought out first-page. So how exactly do you expect potential customers to find your website if you lack a strong ranking on search engines? In order to achieve rank, savvy marketers understand they need to strategize their SEO efforts against competitors.

Going back to a basic tenet of digital marketing, Google rewards websites that deserve to appear in the search engine’s top spot. Thus, the key to achieving this coveted spot lies in creating excellent content. Creating SEO-optimized content doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure. In fact, the process is actually much easier than one would expect, so long as you follow well-established SEO guidelines. To streamline the creative process, Premiere Creative offers an SEO checklist to ensure your content reaches a high Google ranking and facilitates web traffic.

What Do You Include in SEO Content?

An easy way to create great content lies in writing about subjects that will remain timeless, otherwise referred to as evergreen content. Evergreen content ranks well because it is substantial and, in Google’s eyes, a credible resource of information. Since people will continue to visit web pages with evergreen content long after the initial publication date, you will have an easier time ranking for targeting keywords due to the continuous frequency of web traffic. As you brainstorm content ideas, try focusing on specific keywords or ideas closely related to the products or services your brand offers.

The more these keywords and terms relate to your brand, the more consumers will credit your company as a reliable resource. Be sure to write about specific topics rather than vague terms or content themes. For instance, you will have a difficult time ranking for a broad keyword such as “wedding planners.” Meanwhile, you will have a much easier time ranking for a long-tailed keyword such as “affordable wedding planners in NJ.” Even though certain keywords rank lower in search than others, it is more important that your content relates to your H1 and H2 headers.

How do You Get SEO Content to Rank?

If you have not already done so, type your keywords into a search engine and look at Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). Can you find your business on the first page, or perhaps the second or third page? Search engines like Google constantly modify their algorithms to determine what pages deserve those desired first few spots on SERPs. So if you want your content to rank, then you will need to embark on the slow, but steady process beginning with keyword research.

After you determine the best keywords that relate to your business or product, try typing them into the Google search bar. You will want to study the pages that rank well and create superior content. The most relevant pages to a search query appear in these first few spots; thus, you will need to make sure that your content remains relevant to targeted keywords.

Can SEO Content Structure Help Increase Traffic?

The page structure is another factor that can assist with page rank. Look at highly ranked web pages and study how they structure their articles to determine the best sub headings or to use question and answer format. Writing SEO content is unlike traditional writing, which allows the writer to be creative and unique. SEO content should be direct and structured with one goal in mind, to provide the visitor the necessary information they are searching for.

Plan your content by creating SEO friendly headlines, including Meta descriptions, and page titles. Within the copy, try incorporating easy-to-read, divided sections that offer visitors a better experience when reading your page content. This may be as simple as including bullet points to break up key concepts or inserting photos to break up long paragraphs.

Grow Your Business With SEO Content

Marketing your brand online takes focus and skill, especially when writing SEO content to improve your search rank. You can further help your content gain visibility by distributing it across social media platforms, or by using certain pages as landing pages for social media and PPC campaigns.

Ask yourself, “How does your website rank on search engines?” Do you want to improve your search rank and climb to the top of Google’s SERPs? Start the process today by contacting Premiere Creative and giving us a call at (973) 346-8100!