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How to Win New Business With Your Website

Website Design

As more businesses see the value in a professionally designed website, the digital landscape will see a huge influx of redesigned websites. According to 2017 digital trends, 57.7% of small and medium-sized business owners will invest in a new or re-designed website. Each unique customer has their own questions that coincide with their stage in the buyer’s journey.

Although your website may contain relevant contact information, shoppers still need to feel confident before they reach out and commit to your business. Your website visitors may have underlying questions they may not directly contact your business about. To ensure customers have their questions answered, here are answers to common questions that you can include in your content to help win new business with your website.

Why do you deserve my business?

According to the Small Business Marketing Trends Report, having a website that serves as a brochure is no longer competitive in a crowded market. If you want to communicate why customers should choose your business over the fierce competition, convince them why you are different. This is commonly referred to as Unique Value Preposition (UVP). Maybe you have more industry experience? In the case of construction companies, perhaps you have an extensive portfolio that demonstrates client satisfaction? Now is the time to display any honorable awards, organization memberships, and newsworthy accomplishments. Either way, you must flaunt your peacock feathers and stand out.

What makes your service stand out?

Any shopper can see a portfolio of your work and envision their version; but, your expectations may not align with their desires. Thus, approach your business from the customer’s standpoint. For instance, if a project requires installation or building, are your workers efficient? Are your reliable? Do you match prices? Will you deliver quality work? Whatever be the case, include that information. Customers are more inclined to initiate contact if they have a better understanding of a timeline, have package pricing options and can see your portfolio. Bottom line, the more questions you answer throughout your website, the more confident customers become in matching their expectation.

One exceptional way to prove your authority in the market is by producing quality blog content or Q&A forums. This not only proves to customers you are knowledgeable but also helps drive traffic to your website. You can also make your website’s “About Us” page more insightful by posting YouTube videos such as a tour of the factory or welcome message from the owner, even displaying staff photos can make a difference in customer conversion. When customers can place a name to a face or see how a business runs internally, it becomes more personal and helps foster a connection.

How can I justify this purchase?

Customers who peruse your website want for validation that they deserve your service. Business owners can eliminate any emotional doubt customers may have by providing important content within web pages. Pricing still remains a big factor in decision-making. If you offer services are at a higher price point than the competition, confidently confirm your price within your content marketing. One emotional tactic is building confidence that your customers deserve your service, whether it’s about healthcare, entertainment, or leisure. Customers need reassurance that employing your services is money well spent.

Another good practice to influencing your market in their buyer’s journey is by offering an effective solution to their problem. Websites often list services offered; but, it is more effective if customers can find the answer to problems on your website. Perhaps their walkway needs repairs. Instead of listing reconstruction, you can list restoration and replacement of weathered, worn, cracked and stone. This allows customers to find their problem and discover how your company offers the solution.

What if there’s a problem?

Answering concerns ahead of time will give customers insight into your customer service dedication. To ensure customers can reach you, include your hours of operation on your website and provide accessible contact methods. You can also list points of contact to add a layer of trust and support. Furthermore, ensure your potential customer knows their request is a top priority.

Listing any guarantees on your products and services adds an extra dimension of credibility. Tell your customers what they can expect with testimonials and gold standard marks of approval. Similarly, publish operating policies as well as return policies on items or supplies.

Converting Customers

Any business can drive traffic to their website using social media or SEO, but your conversion rates can improve through the content offered on your website. Be proactive and take the time to assess how you can fulfill customer’s questions, concerns, and needs. Doing so will increase the likelihood of converting a visitor into a satisfied customer. Are you reaching maximum conversions with your current website? Contact the website design experts at Premiere Creative today or give us a call at (973) 346-8100 to help you get started!