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Using YouTube to Promote Your Business

Most companies have videos on their business or products on the web. Some even have these videos hosted on YouTube. Fewer have these videos promoted on YouTube, and it’s something business owners should really consider doing.

Although there are many services out there that will tempt you into promoting your video on the web, the fact is people visit YouTube with the intent to watch videos. Often times, videos in ordinary web searches go unwatched because users were simply searching for text information rather than real time evidence. YouTube provides companies with a market of interested viewers. When seen from this angle, advertising on YouTube seems like a no-brainer.

If you choose to promote your videos on YouTube, there are a few things you should know. First, YouTube’s Promoted Video Ads work a lot like Google’s pay-per-click. This is really no surprise considering Google owns YouTube. The way it works is pretty simple. Depending on what a user searches and how much money you’ve contributed to your campaign, users will find your video at the top of their search results. We all know that being at the top is the best, because most users don’t scroll through the seemingly endless list of matching content.

Another benefit of the YouTube Promoted Video Ad is what you can include in your advertisement. During your promotion, you can add offers, links to your site, and other descriptive information that can help get the word out about your business.

Unlike traditional web searches, YouTube users may need slightly different keyword focus. YouTube does offer a keyword suggestion tool, but it’s best to do a little YouTube specific keyword research before titling your video.

While your video may itself be an advertisement for your product or service, you can also include an advertisement overlay where your website information can be included during the video. Some users see this as scammy, but other demographics see the overlay as helpful. As with any advertising, research is key. Overlays may work wonders for your company if you’re in the right business.

One of the most interesting things about YouTube is how it operates as a search engine and a social network. Viewers will watch your video and write comments. Some ambitious users may even make their own video responses to your content. It’s important to view these comments and see what type of feedback your video receives. Sometimes, users will request more information or a follow up video. You may find that your video is so interesting that users want you to create a web series on the topic. This type of popularity can only help your online presence.