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What is Houzz?

If your SEO, web marketing, or social media business represents clients in the architecture, interior design, home décor, contracting, or other related field, you know that presenting a beautiful portfolio for web searchers to find is one of the most important aspects of attracting new clients. Many of these professionals have gravitated toward using Pinterest to build links and get their designer name out there. Until now, Pinterest has done a great job of spreading drool-worthy content all over the web. Pinterest falls short, however, at converting dreamers into paying clients.

To attract interested parties who are serious about renovating or designing their space, Houzz provides an excellent platform to compete with Pinterest. In fact, some users will prefer Houzz’s usability and layout, which seem more user friendly than Pinterest’s confusing web of boards. Houzz is a social networking site that links potential clients with contractors and professionals in their area. Users can read reviews, view work samples, and compare experts before choosing the best fit for their project.

While that might seem highly focused and boring, the thrilling part of using Houzz is the ideabook users can assemble. By signing up with their email or through Facebook, Houzz users can browse different rooms and spaces while adding clippings to their ideabooks. If at any time these users get confused or have questions, Houzz has an extensive discussion network built into its site where users can post photos of their project and ask for advice. Contractors and users alike can respond to theses issues while keeping the ball rolling on renovation projects.

The key to getting these users to convert is to maintain excitement about the project. Houzz provides beautiful spaces that are professionally photographed for users to envy. While looking through these dream spaces, Houzz users can read articles from experts in each field. Architecture experts describe the difference between modern and contemporary styles, designers keep users up to speed with the latest trends, and artists weigh their opinion on unfinished spaces. Houzz is a dream come true for the busy individual who does not have time to visit showrooms or peruse home decorating magazines in their quest for home perfection.

Houzz assists home professionals by providing an avenue to be found. By publishing a portfolio of work, getting reviews, and responding to discussions, home professionals establish credibility both inside and outside of Houzz. Users select design executers based on their reputation, and Houzz allows professionals to brand themselves within the comforting nook of a social media platform. It also assists professionals when Houzz users become clients; ideabooks can be shared assuring the customer vision becomes reality.