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Facebook Unveils News Feed Changes

Recently, Facebook released the new Graph Search feature, which is still not available to all users. If you haven’t joined the waiting list, you can do so here. Although the search overhaul has yet to be completed, it has surprised many users that Facebook is introducing more changes. Whether users will flock to the search feature or not remains to be seen, but every Facebook user relies on his or her News Feed to read the latest updates from friends and family. So, how will the public respond to Facebook changing the beloved News Feed?

If past changes are any barometer, the Facebook community will groan and whine about the new Facebook News Feed for a few weeks, but they won’t stop using the social media platform. Interestingly, the Facebook News Feed trended on Twitter this week, which just goes to show how Facebook changes quickly become a very popular topic.

Here are just a few of the Facebook News Feed changes:

  1. Everything will be bigger. Yes, even the space your News Feed currently takes up will seem enhanced by the organizational changes made to the site. In some ways, it will be similar to the iPhone version, where menus slide from left or right but do not deter from viewing the News Feed
  2. You’ll have more control over what you see. Instead of Facebook deciding who or what is important to you, you’ll once again be able to view the updates of all of your friends. Which is great news, especially if someone thought you were ignoring him or her for the past 6 months (when, really, Facebook didn’t realize you were so close).
  3. The News Feed can now be filtered for photos, subscriptions, and other categories. If you’ve finished browsing your News Feed for status updates, you can switch over to Photo view and see all the great things your friends and family have been doing.
  4. Organizations like magazines and businesses will show more than one recent post. Instead, you’ll be seeing three small columns with the latest info for your subscription pages.

We’re sure that once the release date is closer, we’ll have more information on how this will affect your advertising and marketing campaigns on Facebook. The News Feed is the primary source of information for Facebook users, so any changes to its function will need to be addressed when managing social media campaigns.