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How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

We already know the importance of video and the power it has over the internet. Shooting and producing a web video can not only help your traffic, but can be used as a conversation tool for your prospective customers. A video can help users relate more and having a visual aid is much more effective than reading website copy.

YouTube is one of the most popular search engines and contains millions and millions of video. According to YouTube, 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, over 4 billion videos are viewed a day and over 800 million unique visitors visit YouTube each month. That said, it’s easy for your YouTube channel to get lost.

Here are a few ways to optimize your YouTube channel:

The Video Title

Make sure each video you upload has a unique title. The title should include a keyword or two that users would use when searching. The title should also be descriptive enough to tell what the video is about without viewing it.


If your video isn’t about your company, don’t include your name.

Video Description

YouTube allows you to include a description of your video. Here is where including SEO keywords is important. Be sure to be short and sweet (this is primarily for the search engines) because after all, the users are here to watch your video, not read about it.

Video Category

Be sure to add your video to a relevant category where users can find your video when browsing.

Video Tags

Tags are important, but limit your words to 5-10. Try not to include the words “the” or “and,” but rather short and simplified target keywords.

Start Optimizing Your YouTube Page Today

Not only is YouTube a search engine, but it’s a social network. There are ways to get involved and network with others in your industry. Build your following by commenting, liking and sharing others’ videos. Your YouTube subscribers and similar to your Facebook fans, get involved with them. YouTube will notice your social networking and this could potentially help your ranking, but more importantly, your subscribers can share your content bringing in new viewers and potential customers.