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Should You Do SEO and PPC Together?

Although search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click advertising (PPC) are two separate strategies, they often work well together. Both SEO and PPC, when approached together, work very well and here’s why:

More keyword information to analyze

Since both SEO and PPC require keyword research, using a variety of keywords in your strategies can help determine which ones lead to the highest conversion rate. With more data to analyze, this information can help the overall strategy and quicker.

PPC copy for organic results

Running a PPC campaign can help determine which keywords and copy work best for organic searches as well. From ad results, you can get a good idea of how to write your title tags, meta descriptions and even copy for the organic side.

Analytics from organic results for PPC keywords

Just like determining from PPC what will work best for organic, you can do just the opposite. By analyzing analytics from organic traffic, you can determine which keywords to use in PPC as well. PPC and SEO can help each other and data collected from both strategies can benefit each other. You can also run tests with PPC by using organic keywords. PPC results are quick and you can usually determine which keywords are working and which aren’t relatively quick. With immediate data to analyze, you can fine tune your organic SEO strategy and even your PPC campaign if need be.


Of course, as you can guess, one of the obvious and greatest benefits of running SEO and PPC together is the increased exposure of your website and brand in search engines. By dominating both organic results and PPC ads in search results, you will be recognized and increase your presence in your market while driving more traffic to your website.

Overall, PPC and SEO work very well together and visibility in search engines is important. By running both campaigns together, you can double your visibility and increase your presence. It’s a great way to build traffic and build brand awareness.