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The Best Klaviyo Practices to Gain & Retain Customers

Best Klaviyo Practices

Securing and retaining customers is the name of the marketing game, but success demands strategy, creativity, and incessant effort. At its core, Klaviyo is a segmentation tool for distributing emails and newsletters to loyal subscribers. The software allows you to group customers into clusters based on shared characteristics, resulting in more personalized messaging.

But how do you know you’re utilizing the best Klaviyo strategies once you’ve identified these segments? How can you optimize your marketing techniques to ensure that customers remain engaged with your brand?

Understanding Klaviyo Segments, Campaigns & Flows

Let’s start with a quick rundown of the Klaviyo basics. We create Klaviyo segments to target audiences for campaigns and flows, and “one-time sends” to pre-established target groups. Campaigns may alert customers about new or featured products, highlight valuable content, or announce seasonal sales and promotions. Finally, you can send more general campaigns to larger segments and more personalized campaigns to smaller segments.

Klaviyo flows, on the other hand, are a bit different. For instance, you can these flows for timely communications or have your automatons launch when customers complete a specific action. You can achieve this goal by embedding code into your website to trigger when someone, say, subscribes to your newsletter, abandons a cart, or abandons browsing. Furthermore, adding conditional splints in a flow creates multiple paths based on a recipient’s characteristics. Conditional splits prove effective for curating different content for recipients based on what you already know about them (e.g., gender, location, past purchase history, etc.).

Creating Advanced Klaviyo Segments to Personalize Campaigns and Flows

You can allow your subscribers to specify their preferences. Targeting these preferences through Klaviyo will ensure that customers stay engaged with your brand, especially after they receive personalized content. You may choose to include the following preference options on your subscription forms, pop-ups, or “Manage Settings” page:

  • Product Interests: Let subscribers choose the product category that captures their interests. You can also ask if they want to view “men’s products,” “women’s products,” or both.
  • Content-Type: Subscribers may want to hear about sales, new products, blog content, or events.
  • Frequency: Allow customers to decide if they want to hear from you immediately, daily, or weekly.

Utilizing subscriber data guarantees that your customers receive promotional materials that pique their interests. You should segment and create campaigns for the following factors:

  • Sign-up Method: If you have a physical store, your first email to in-store subscribers should introduce them to your website. If a customer subscribed to your blog page, send them blog updates.
  • How They Found You: You can cater your content to customers based on how they found you, such as sending tweetable links to customers who found you through Twitter.
  • Location: You can inform customers about nearby events or send them promotions for weather-dependent products, such as coats or swimsuits. You may also need to know a customer’s location, especially to confirm any shipping restrictions.

Finally, you can create segments on Klaviyo based on the following customer behaviors:

  • Opened Emails: Group customers by how frequently they open your emails. You may want to re-send emails to non-openers with varied subject lines and see if this makes a difference.
  • Purchase Quantity & Value: You should create a VIP segment for customers who are big spenders or frequent purchasers. You can also let customers know how close they are to becoming a VIP, target non-buyers with incentives, or promote products based on a customer’s perceived budget.
  • Website Interaction: If you have web-tracking set up, you can segment based on whether a customer is active on your site. If customers are frequently active but not making purchases, consider offering them an incentive.

Sending Post-Purchase Emails to Increase Engagement

Sending post-purchase emails assures your customers of their value to your company. The following are the three main types of post-purchase emails:

  1. “Thank You” Emails: You can segment customers based on if they are first-time or repeat buyers. Thank repeat buyers for their business in general. If you have a VIP program, you may also want to send repeat buyers information on how they can join. After first-time buyers complete a sale, you may want to send them more information about your company, such as your mission, your popular products, or your upcoming sales.
  2. Product Review Emails: 77% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product, so you should urge your customers to review their experience with your product and site. You can also use cross-channel marketing to target customers on social media sites and remind them to leave a review.
  3. Product Recommendation Emails: Klaviyo’s product feed uses a customer’s historical data to create product recommendations. These recommendations depend on specific actions: what a customer purchased, what a customer viewed, and what similar customers purchased.

Sending Win Back Emails to Regain Customers

You should use Win Back emails to re-engage customers who have not opened an email or placed an order in a certain amount of time. The most effective way to do this is to set up a flow. For instance, you can set the flow to trigger when a customer has not placed an order or visited your site in X number of days. Make the subject line of the first email something like “It’s Been Awhile.” If the customer still does not return to your website after a certain number of days, consider offering an incentive, such as a discount coupon.

You can use campaigns or conditional splints in your segmentation flows to personalize these win-back emails further. If a customer recently has visited your website since becoming inactive, you can use cross-sections to send an email featuring the product they recently viewed. Furthermore, you should place winning back inactive former VIP customers at the top of your to-do list. These are your best customers, so show them some love with an extra discount.

Get the Most from Your Klaviyo Marketing Strategy

If you are targeting your customers with the wrong content, they will lose interest in your brand. Retaining customers requires effort, but using these Klaviyo practices can keep your subscribers engaged and encourage future sales. For more information about Klaviyo’s best marketing practices, let the email marketing specialists at Premiere Creative overhaul your current strategy. Our talented team will help you efficiently plan your next email campaign to encourage higher click-through rates (CTR) while mitigating unsubscribe actions. Dial (973) 346-8100 today!