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Essential Email Automations: The Pre-VIP Series

Pre-VIP Emails

Everyone wants to be a VIP. The grandiose feeling of importance, as well as receiving exclusive benefits, never gets old. By setting up a pre-VIP program for your eCommerce business, you can build out an email automation campaign though software, like Klaviyo or Mailchimp, that helps fuel your daily marketing efforts. By segmenting subscriber lists and informing customers when they’re approaching the necessary status threshold, you can increase the likelihood of new orders.

An automated pre-VIP email does all the work for you, no matter the industry your Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand serves. Whether your company sells shoes, children’s toys, fishing equipment, or something else, these email automations let subscribers know when they’re only a few steps away from gaining VIP benefits and exclusive status.

The Pre-VIP Email #1

The pre-VIP #1 email is an automated email that is sent to subscribers when they are either just one order shy or close to spending a certain threshold from becoming a VIP. This Pre-VIP teaser can effectively entice your subscribers about their future VIP status after placing the third order or spending $300 at your eCommerce store.

Pre-VIP Email Automation

Subscribers typically qualify to receive this email 20-30 days after making a threshold-crossing order. For example, if the requirement for becoming a VIP involves placing three orders or more, the pre-VIP #1 email will trigger approximately 20-30 days after customers place their second order at your shop.

Examples of strong email subject lines include:

  • “VIP status is one purchase away!”
  • “You’re almost there!”
  • “One order away from VIP status!”

The copy within the email should feel engaging and entertaining: the goal is to remind subscribers that they are very close to becoming a part of something exclusive and reaping all the benefits that you include within your VIP program.

The Pre-VIP Email #2

As part of a series, the pre-VIP #2 email, similar to pre-VIP email #1, is automatically sent to those same subscribers who are close to qualifying for VIP status. This email acts as an additional reminder in the event the subscriber missed the First email note or failed to appreciate the opportunity afforded. This 2nd Pre-VIP email should trigger between 25-30 days after the subscriber received the 1st email (if they did not activate an order).

Since it acts as a second touchpoint for the potential VIP members, email #2 continues to showcase the benefits the customer is missing out on with a greater sense of urgency. The copy you compose for this email will mirror the language in pre-VIP email #1.

Here are some solid email subject lines you may want to consider:

  • “VIP status is only one order away!”
  • “VIP status =20% off always!”
  • “Unlock [benefit] with VIP status!”

How to Design Your Pre-VIP Email

When assembling your pre-VIP emails, the layouts should contain the main hero image and a recommended products section (with the name, pricing, and a strong call-to-action).

To help simplify the designing process, adhere to the following asset requirements:

  • Main Hero Image: the imagery should incorporate a lifestyle image followed by the copy and a strong call to action. Make sure your CTA is clear and concise, with simple language.
    • Image Width: 640px
    • Image Height: 400 – 640px
  • Recommended Products Section: this comes below the copy and the CTA, and shows either one or two rows of three products, in an organized grid. The products often fall into two categories: best sellers or new products.
    • Image Width: 640px
    • Image Height: 400 – 740px

Engage & Delight Consumers with Tailored Email Automations

Ultimately, automated pre-VIP emails can assist you in connecting with your loyal subscribers, making them feel unique and important. Moreover, these emails serve as an excellent way to encourage additional purchases on your eCommerce website! With some expert help from a reputable Email Marketing agency, we guarantee you’ll start noticing more connections and a boost in conversions. To explore your upcoming email campaigns, call Premiere Creative at (973) 346-8100 today.