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Essential Email Automations: The Cart Abandonment Series

Cart Abandonment Emails

It’s not uncommon for web visitors to add items to their cart and then forget about the product, abandoning the order altogether. One way to transform lost business and turn a lost prospect into a customer is to send cart abandonment emails. With cart abandonment emails, you can send a timely reminder to visitors who have subscribed to your newsletter and have added a product to their cart but have not begun the checkout process. By adding cart abandonment automations to your email marketing strategy through software like Klavyo, you can drive transactions, re-engage shoppers, and encourage more conversions.

What is a Cart Abandonment Email?

The cart abandonment email is an automated email sent to users who placed products in their shopping cart but have not started the checkout process. Emails in this sequence are similar to a browse abandonment email in that both rely on a user’s behavioral cues. The difference is that with the cart abandonment email, the user is much closer to the point of conversion: they’ve placed a product in their cart. Now the opportunity to convert the subscriber is much higher. It’s not unusual for these messages to reach open rates of over 50%. Moreover, conversion rates for opened emails were more than 15%; in other words, you cannot deny the results that a cart abandonment email yields.

You can have several cart abandonment emails in your flow, depending on the nature of your email campaign. Premiere Creative’s email experts, who have handled email campaigns for many well-known eCommerce fashion brands, usually recommend at least three browse abandonment emails.

The Cart Abandonment Email #1

The first email in the cart abandonment series serves as a reminder to the subscriber that they’ve been shopping and haven’t yet finished their order. The persuasive copy then encourages visitors to return to their cart and complete the order.

Examples of appropriate subject lines include:

  • “We’re saving something especially for you!”
  • “Don’t forget your cart items!”

Generally speaking, you should stick to straightforward subject lines (but make sure you brainstorm something exciting and imaginative)! Use your brand to your advantage and be witty, as long as the urgency remains clear.

The Cart Abandonment Email #2

The cart abandonment #2 email is an automated message that gets typically sent to subscribers 24 hours after they have received the first email in the series. Oh, and provided they have yet to start the checkout or completed their purchase. This second email acts as a gentle reminder to the first cart abandonment email the day before. The email should alert the subscriber of the product they added to their cart; once again, the email should encourage buyers to complete their order.

Examples of strong email subject lines include:

  • “[Product] is still left in your cart”
  • “Return to the items in your cart and save 10%”
  • “Missing something? Come purchase cart items now!”

Furthermore, you may want to include an optional small incentive (5-10% off or free shipping) to further entice the subscriber to go ahead and purchase the product initially added to their cart. Placing urgency on incentives will ultimately encourage action.

The Cart Abandonment Email #3

The cart abandonment #3 email is an automated email that gets sent 48 to 72 hours after the subscriber has received the browse abandonment #2 email and ONLY if the user still hasn’t placed an order. This email acts as a reminder, but it is always accompanied by an incentive. If an incentive was already provided in the second email, you can increase the previous incentive or emphasize the sense of urgency in using it.

Examples of powerful email subject lines include:

  • “Last chance to save 15% on [Product]”
  • “15% discount on all items in your cart!”

This reminder email will further soften the deal and get the subscriber to return to their cart to complete their order.

How to Design Your Cart Abandonment Email

When building these types of automations, the layout for all emails should contain the main hero image and featured cart items (with the name, pricing, and a strong call-to-action).

Cart Abandonment Email

To help simplify the construction process, adhere to the following design asset requirements:

  • Main Hero Image: the imagery should incorporate an alluring lifestyle image accompanied by the copy and a strong call to action. Make sure your CTA has simple language like “Continue Shopping,” “Return to Cart,” etc.
    • Image Width: 640px
    • Image Height: 400-640px
  • Featured Cart Item: this comes below the Main Hero Image, and shows items the user abandoned in his or her cart. You can include a CTA button to return to the cart underneath the image.

Re-Engage & Drive Conversions with Cart Abandonment Email Automations

Automatically sent cart abandonment emails can assist you in reconnecting with potential buyers, driving them back to your shopping cart to transact. Creating an email automation series can seem difficult, but companies may achieve greater success with support from a reputable Email Marketing Agency. Make an appointment with Premiere Creative today by dialing (973) 346-8100 to discuss your future email campaigns.