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Essential Email Automations: The Cross-Sell Series

Cross-Sell Emails

Email automation has fundamentally changed the buyer journey because the data obtained through automation software like Klaviyo allows brands to predict customers’ needs. This invaluable data allows eCommerce brands to cross-sell products, potentially generating more sales. If done correctly, these emails will not only help increase your average order value (AOV) but also raise awareness of other products within your eCommerce store.

What is Cross-Selling?

Cross-selling describes an opportunity for vendors to extend products or services to existing customers that complement what they’ve already purchased. According to Marketing Metrics, “the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5%-20%. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.

Imagine, for instance, that your brand is a purveyor of affordable fashion. Now imagine that a customer recently purchased a pair of denim jeans. There is a good chance that your customer may benefit from a belt. As such, you can create specialized emails that recommend your various belts.

A cross-sell only works if the items you’re trying to cross-sell are personalized to the shopper. More importantly, you don’t want to cross-sell every item. Doing so will require your team to compose hundreds of emails, which ultimately isn’t profitable. Depending on the size of your eCommerce shop and email list, select the top 5-15 products in your store and create cross-sell emails for each item.

Cross-Sell Emails

The Cross-Sell Email #1

The first email in the cross-sell series serves to recommend additional products from your store to customers. It is sent to subscribers 30 days after they make a purchase, and typically contains a grid of your best-selling or newest products to entice customers to place a new order.

For example, an email using pre-determined verbiage could trigger after someone buys from a specific category, with a grid of products that complement the product they recently purchased.

The composition of the subject line should resemble something like:

  • “Continue to build your own, personal style!”
  • “Our top picks for you based on your order!”

Overall, the copy should be appealing but not overbearing. Try saying something along the lines of:

  • “We hope you are enjoying your purchase, take a look at some recommendations down below.”

The Cross-Sell Email #2

The cross-sell #2 email is an automated email within the series that is sent to subscribers 5-7 days after they have received the cross-sell #1 email. You should only send the email if the subscriber hasn’t made a purchase since before the first cross-sell email’s first touchpoint. Generally, it serves as a reminder of the best-selling products that were listed in that first cross-sell email.

The following examples show a few powerful subject lines:

  • “Complete your [Store Name] experience!”
  • “Feel that something is missing?”
  • “Check out some of our must-have items.”

Just like in cross-sell email #1, the copy can involve some personalization to make the subscriber feel unique, such as selecting items that complement their previous order. For example, if cross-sell email #1 triggers from a specific purchase and had a product section related to that purchase, cross-sell email #2 may be activated to include similar products, as well.

How to Design Your Cross-Sell Email

When designing your cross-sell email series, remember to include a main hero picture and a recommended products section  in the layout (with the name, pricing, and a strong call-to-action).

Stick to the following design asset criteria to make the construction phase easier:

  • Main Hero Image: the imagery should incorporate a captivating image accompanied by the copy and a strong call to action. Make sure your CTA is clear and concise to effectively get your message across.
    • Width: 640px
    • Height: 400-640px
  • Recommended Products Section: this appears under the copy and the CTA, and displays either one or two rows of three items in an ordered grid.
    • Width: 640px
    • Height: 400-740px

Start Engaging Consumers & Increase Conversions with Cross-Sell Emails

Automated cross-sell emails will help you entice potential customers to return to increase the frequency of their transactions on your site. Creating these email automation sequences can seem daunting, but with the help of a reputable email marketing agency, businesses may be able to achieve greater success. To explore your future email campaigns, call Premiere Creative at (973) 346-8100 today.