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How to Land More Email Subscribers

New Email Subscribers

Since companies are currently working in the height of technology, it is important to know how to properly cater to an audience. Specifically, an audience that craves information as quickly as possible. Grabbing the reader’s attention is one thing but holding onto it is another. There are a few tips and tricks that can help a company efficiently distribute their content as well as make sure it sticks.

1). Understand Your Audience

Yes, as a company, you want to try and reach as many people as possible. However, it’s important to keep loyal followers in mind when delivering content. Reoccurring audiences help gauge what type of content works best versus what may not work which can influence future content. Knowing who your audience is and why they interact with the content will ultimately fix and enhance the content to expand the audience.

2). Keep It Short & Sweet

In the age of technology, people demand immediate gratification and only care about information that helps answer their questions. Filling your content with unnecessary text information only turns readers off and pretty much ensures your future emails will land in the spam folder. This mainly stems from how to grab their attention using an efficient headline. A title should focus on being short and eye-catching.

Email Marketing

These types of titles or subject lines get the audience involved and interested, making them willing to click and stay tuned. Testing various lines can help determine which works best for future reference.

3). Prioritize Your Visuals

Often, readers don’t want to feel bombarded with a text box filled with unnecessary information. Sometimes, audiences skim information unless it’s briefly depicted through images or visuals. Creating a poster or email header to highlight what is being said will gain the attention of the reader more effectively than any paragraph could.

4). Keep Your Content User-Friendly

Similar to the use of visuals, audiences prefer an aesthetically pleasing notice, meaning it formats the platform nicely. Currently, it is more common for people to use their cellphones for immediate access than a desktop; therefore, all content needs to be mobile-friendly. You can achieve this by using images that properly appear within the body text or a subject line that catches their eye from their home screen. This can influence whom and how many people open your email.

5). Timing Matters

Sending out information can be useful when timed right. Knowing when people check their emails, social media and so on can dictate when it’s best to push out content. With social media, checking the analytics is useful in seeing patterns of high or low activity which can help gauge when to post specific media. When it comes to emails, having a split send, or A/B test can help see what time gets the most attention. Both scenarios can help companies increase their audience activity if properly utilized.

Start Building Your Email Marketing List

Posting content or sending emails can be a really useful way of engaging an audience, but that’s only possible when you’ve taken the proper steps to land that subscriber. If these various tools are utilized within a company, it can drastically change the productivity of content and audience engagement. Focusing on grabbing the reader’s attention will push the content into various demographics, which in result will widen the audience. Need help with your next email marketing campaign? Connect with Premiere Creative today by dialing (973) 346-8100 to take your marketing efforts to the next level.