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Using Customer Reviews to Your Advantage

Consumer Reviews

Consumers have been becoming more skeptical of advertisements, but they do trust their peers. This likely explains why they do so much research when looking for a product or service. In the BC days, before computers, a consumer would have to ask their friends for recommendations based on products and services they use. Not so in the modern age of the Internet. Consumers can now go online and find reviews from other users for anything, from a plumber to a pencil, which can greatly impact a consumer’s purchase decisions. In fact, a BrightLocal survey found that 85% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. A Spiegel Research Center study even shows that almost 95% of shoppers read reviews before completing a purchase. You can use these reviews to your advantage and increase your sales.

How To Leverage Customer Reviews

To take full advantage of customer reviews, be sure to use reviews wherever you can. Showcase reviews on your site. You work hard to ensure you are meeting customer’s needs, and you are receiving good reviews, so why not leverage them? Include the best reviews on your homepage and consider having a separate page dedicated to reviews.

Use reviews in your ads. Since consumers generally don’t trust ads but do trust user reviews, bridge the gap and include some glowing endorsements. TrustPilot data has shown that this can actually increase your CTR by four times. Emails are another good place to use reviews, so include them as part of your copy to gain better click-through rates. They’re short and simple to add, but they can make a big difference in whether or not a customer visits your site.

How To Nurture Your Customer Reviews

Allow your customers to review your products and services at the appropriate time. It is exciting to make a sale and see where you can improve, but resist the urge to immediately request a review after your sale. The customer needs to digest what they just purchased, and immediately asking for a review may end up hurting you. They may feel rushed or pressured to give you inaccurate feedback. Pushing for a review too early may come across as desperate and lead to a poor review. Respond to customer comments whether they are good or bad. Creating a two-way conversation can lead to greater brand loyalty and continued endorsements. Let’s face it, everyone is human and wants to be heard. Invest in your customer service team. A team that can address customer issues will pay in dividends. They are your first line of defense against negative customer reviews.

Learning From Comments & Reviews

Listening to what consumers have to say can be the best product development tool in your kit. Learn from what users are providing in their reviews, create a plan based on what is said, and implement changes. Not all reviews will be posted on your owned sites. For these instances, you can use social listening platforms. These will allow you to find comments about your brand in multiple areas and determine the sentiment of the comment. As an added benefit, you will also be able to monitor what users are saying about your competition. Learn from their mistakes.

Capitalize On Reviews With Premiere Creative

Consumers are talking about brands and listening to what others have to say. Use that to your advantage either for attracting new customers or for product/brand development. The professionals at Premiere Creative have over two decades of experience with customers and their reviews. We can help you turn those reviews into revenue. To make the most of customer reviews, reach out to Premier Creative today by dialing (973) 346-8100.