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The Sellers & Vendors Guide to Amazon Prime Day 2021

Amazon Prime Day

The news is finally in! Amazon officially announced that their annual Prime Day will take place on June 21st & 22nd of 2021. During the Amazon Prime Day event, Prime members will have exclusive access to epic sales and deals on several products sitewide. The intense growth of Amazon and its control over the retail market has forced other large retailers, such as Target and Walmart, to participate in this calendar event with deals of their own.

Amazon sold $10.4 billion worth of goods on Prime Day last year. Looking at economic growth following recovery from the Coronavirus, the platform, and its merchants are expecting to see a surge in sales. As such, eCommerce retailers on the platform need to take advantage of the heavy traffic on the site during Prime Day to optimize their sales and success.

Prime Day has proven to boost sales and perform exceptionally since its debut in 2015. Check out these jaw-dropping Amazon statistics!

  • 74% of U.S. consumers say they begin product searches on Amazon
  • During Amazon Prime Day 2019, U.S. shoppers made 20 million transactions (about 2 million more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined)
  • In 2020, Amazon’s ad revenues in the U.C. amounted to $15.73 billion. Industry leaders predict the eCommerce giant will generate over $30 billion in advertising activities by 2023

With preparation from Amazon’s advertising services combined with Premiere Creative’s Amazon expertise, your business will soon witness immense success on Amazon Prime Day.

Promotions for Amazon Sellers & Vendors

There are several steps that a business should complete in preparation for this exciting event. Amazon offers many promotions and deals for sellers and vendors to push their products and get them seen by high-quality customers. Consider the following options for promoting your products before Amazon Prime Day.

Set up Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon Lightning Deals are promotions displayed prominently on the Amazon Deals Page for a limited time. Usually lasting a few hours, they can be found throughout Amazon and on the Today’s Deals or Prime Day page. After submitting a Lightning Deal request, you do not automatically get that promotion. Using an algorithm, Amazon determines the best deals from the many submissions and ranks them according to sales potential. Deals with the best prices, positive reviews, and fully-stocked inventories are awarded the best times and positions throughout the site.

To ensure you qualify for vendor eligibility for Lightning Deals, you must meet the following:

  • Have a Professional Seller account
  • Receive at least five seller Feedback Ratings per month
  • Have a minimum 3.5-stars rating overall
  • Be Prime-eligible in all regions
  • Follow Amazon’s pricing policies
  • Be in “New Condition”

Lightning Deals can be pretty pricey, but the heavy traffic and conversion rates that have a history of occurring on Amazon Prime Day make the initial investment worth it.

Create Amazon Coupons

If you missed out on Lightning Deals or are not eligible for them, utilizing Amazon Coupons is another excellent way to take advantage of the surge of traffic to the site on Prime Day. Amazon Coupons tag the product with a vibrant discount label, which guarantees higher visibility on customers’ feeds. Amazon Coupons will appear in several locations, including the Amazon Coupons home page, in customer search results, on product pages, in shopping carts, in your Sponsored Products ads, and more.

Amazon’s Deal of the Day

Available exclusively for vendors, and similar to Lightning Deals, the “Deal of the Day” promotions are featured on the Amazon Deals page. These promotions run for 24 hours compared to coupons, which only last a few hours. These are the first deals that a shopper will see when navigating to Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day Best Practices for Sellers & Vendors

1). Manage Your Amazon Inventory

Take time to evaluate your Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) inventory before the big day. Running out of stock will have serious negative effects on your rankings and sales. If you have a large inventory, Amazon will think you offer more value to your customers and heighten your value with their algorithms. Be sure to have enough inventory to meet your customer’s demands, which will simultaneously please Amazon.

2). Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Optimizing your product listings and descriptions has a notable effect on maximizing sales and conversion rates. One way to optimize your listings to prepare for Amazon Prime Day is by using high-quality images that will capture customer attention and portray a good look for the product. Additionally, utilize the title and description by writing a clear copy. Don’t be too wordy, as today’s consumers have a short attention span with a demand for concise and clear information. Furthermore, you can peak into your PPC insights to identify new keywords that your customers will likely use in their search queries.

3). Leverage Your Amazon Resources

Use advertising strategies and strong SEO to boost sales and conversion rates. Try running Amazon Live on products that you want to highlight on Prime Day to boost traffic on the day of the event. Use Amazon Posts to drive product discovery and share your content. Utilize your brand’s social media accounts to push content without the additional costs. Connect with influencers and take quality efforts to build your brand presence online to highlight your promotions and drive traffic to your listings.

4). Complete a Competitor Analysis

Execute a competitor analysis to identify those who are successfully selling similar products to yours. Find the major differences in product listings and attempt to bridge the gap in your listings to generate more sales. Identify competitors’ brands with high search volume that sell products similar to yours. Track the keywords that they use and incorporate them into your unique strategy.

5). Optimize Your Paid Advertising Campaigns

There are many PPC strategies you should use when planning for Amazon Prime Day. For one, create a manual campaign to increase search visibility for keywords that drive maximum ROI for your products. Set up automatic campaigns to identify good and bad keywords. Group the keywords to better understand your audience and track your efforts.

Preparing for Amazon Prime Day Success

Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest, if not the single largest, online shopping days of the year. Enjoying success during this enormous event requires careful planning and preparation beforehand. Amazon offers many ways for brands like yours to optimize strategies to generate more sales.

As the No.1 Amazon Advertising Agency in New Jersey, Premiere Creative boasts trained specialists to guide you towards a fruitful Amazon Prime Day. To learn more, dial (973) 346-8100 to set up a strategy meeting with Premiere Creative.