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Tag: Amazon Prime

Amazon Coupons

Navigating Amazon Deals: A Seller’s Guide to Boosting Revenue

As a 1P or 3p seller, sifting through the many types of Amazon deals and promotions can feel overwhelming. This blog will equip you to leverage these deals effectively and
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Amazon Brand Health

How to Improve Your Amazon Brand Health

Boasting 310 million active users, Amazon is an eCommerce giant capable of generating immense awareness of your product. Optimizing your product pages to maximize this awareness is key, and every
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Amazon New Product Launch

Best Practices for Launching a New Amazon Product

Unless you live under a rock, it’s no surprise that Amazon is a dominating player in the eCommerce market. As an Amazon third-party seller, you know that cutthroat competition exists
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Audience Targeting for Amazon Advertising

Amazon provides the perfect opportunity to sell to millions online, extending reach far beyond a brick-and-mortar storefront. Due to the sheer volume of web traffic that Amazon receives each month,
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Amazon Advertising Terms

Amazon Advertising: Your Essential Glossary Acronyms & Terminology

Why are so many brands obsessed with Amazon? Simple – it’s the largest customer-based eCommerce platform ever created. Amazon generated $386 billion revenue in 2020, making it the third largest
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Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts: What Marketers Need to Know

Amazon Posts – originally launched in 2019 – seeks to create a better experience for customers shopping on the eCommerce giant. This free-to-use feature allows merchants to display their products
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Amazon Prime Day

The Sellers & Vendors Guide to Amazon Prime Day 2021

The news is finally in! Amazon officially announced that their annual Prime Day will take place on June 21st & 22nd of 2021. During the Amazon Prime Day event, Prime
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How to Make the Most as a Seller on Amazon Prime Day

The most wonderful day of the year will arrive before you know it. That’s right — Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner! For Prime Day in 2019, Amazon
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How to Convert Customers With Deals and Free Shipping

Whether browsing for shoes or fabulous clothes or even rare collectibles, the Internet continues to revolutionize the way customers make purchasing decisions. Amazon, the world’s largest online shopping hub, fundamentally
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