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How to Make the Most as a Seller on Amazon Prime Day

The most wonderful day of the year will arrive before you know it. That’s right — Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner! For Prime Day in 2019, Amazon announced its intention to expand the epic sales spectacular to TWO FULL DAYS:  July 15th and July 16th! This glorious announcement gives sellers and customers ample time to enjoy the best deals Amazon has to offer. Moreover, Amazon announced a new program for sellers that will encourage more sales. If you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll feel overjoyed when you hear about Prime Exclusive Discounts.

This year, Amazon customers can expect a stream of endless sales, discounts, deals and free shipping for all their favorite products. Here’s everything you need to know for Amazon Prime Day 2019.

Amazon Prime Day Statistics

Today, Prime Day leads the eCommerce industry with the best sales of the year. On Prime Day, Amazon offers steep discounts on a variety of products in a wide range of categories to their loyal Prime members. Furthermore, Amazon continues to expand each year, leading to a growth in Prime members, and thus a growth in Prime Day. Let’s take a look at the numbers!

  • Approximately 50% more Prime members worldwide bought products in 2017 over the previous year.
  • In 2018, a remarkable 17 countries participated in Prime Day.
  • Sales in 2018 totaled an estimated $4.2 billion

Numbers don’t lie, and it’s clear to see that the surge in consumer and purchase growth means this holiday isn’t going anywhere.

The Benefits of Participating in Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day grants smaller businesses an opportunity to advertise and sell to new consumers. Along with selling your products, Prime Day lets you grow and improve your business’ reputation. Customer feedback and reviews impact your Amazon seller reputation. If your products or shipping practices aren’t up to par with other retailers, the negative ratings you may receive can cause your sales to drop.

So when preparing for Prime Day, make sure that you have plenty of outstanding reviews. You may feel that collecting online reviews seem trivial, but they go a long way in bolstering your reputation. Ensure you get good ratings from boosting your Amazon marketing budget and verifying your inventory. It’s time to get competitive and strategic with both your bids and your products!

How to Use Prime Exclusive Discounts

Amazon recently announced a new advertising program for sellers called Prime Exclusive Discounts. This new feature allows businesses using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) to offer great discounts on products sold exclusively to Prime members. Businesses in the Prime Exclusive Discounts program also have the chance to display a special Prime Day Deals badge on their products. Amazon will run these discounts all year long, even after Prime Day ends. If you missed this year’s registration deadline, don’t worry; you can expect to see this program return for future Prime Days.

Setting up your Prime Exclusive discounts only takes a few minutes to complete. When you sign into Amazon Seller Central, the ‘Advertising’ tab will now have a new ‘Prime Exclusive Discounts’ sub-tab where you can fill out the form and create exclusive discounts for your products.

Amazon Prime Exclusive Discounts

Eligibility Requirements for Prime Exclusive Discounts

In order for your business to qualify for these great discounts, your products must meet the following criteria for Prime Exclusive Discounts.

  • Your product(s) must be in new condition. You cannot sell vintage or pre-used products.
  • If you’re selling a new item, it cannot have ratings. Your regular products must have a minimum user rating of 3 stars.
  • It must have available shipping to all US regions
  • Your product discount must equal 10%-80% off of your listed price.
  • If you create a Prime Day Discount, it should be 20%-80% off the listing price.

If your business meets these requirements, then you’re all good to go!

Optimize Your Business for a Successful Prime Day

It’s time to plan for the biggest online retailing event of the year. As an Amazon seller, you have the incredible opportunity to boost your sales with Prime Day, and see more traffic from Prime members using Amazon’s Prime Exclusive Discounts. It’s no secret that Amazon has become the leader of global eCommerce, so it’s essential for your business to jump on the Prime Day train and enjoy all the benefits and lucrative sales! You want to make sure you’ve fully optimized your Amazon page so you never miss out on opportunities like Prime Day.

The digital experts at Premiere Creative can help make your business operate at its finest. With decades of experience and an amazing success rate, Premiere Creative’s Amazon specialists can help your business make a lasting impression on the eCommerce titan. Give us a call at (973) 346-8100 to begin optimizing your Amazon Product Display Page today.