Your End-to-End Amazon Advertising Agency

Premiere Creative is a full-service digital agency with a mission: to use technology and Amazon Analytics to deliver creative and powerful results with Amazon PPC Advertising. Let our fun and growing team pour over the data, look at your current strategy, and come up with uniquely effective Amazon Advertising solutions.

We are New Jersey’s leading experts in Amazon Advertising for small, medium, and large business. 

We can help you build fruitful first and third party (1P and 3P) relationships with Amazon. Not sure what the difference between 1P and 3P is? Read our blog post about which is better.

We can help you drive sales and decrease ACoS. Not sure what ACoS is? You can read about that here.

Contact us today for your 1 hour Amazon Advertising consultation.

When you’re ready to kick start your growth, move to the top 10 product rankings, decrease your acquisition costs, and see products fly off your e-shelf, call Premiere Creative at (973) 346-8100.

Partner With The #1 Amazon Advertising Agency In NYC & NJ

Premiere has driven client success across all available marketing channels for 26 years. Today, we leverage up-to-the-minute best practices to maximize sales and minimize costs using Amazon Advertising’s diverse suite of ad products. We are experts in Amazon Advertising products. We have comprehensive experience with Amazon Analytics on Amazon Advertising’s platform

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As leaders in digital marketing, we bring decades of deep learning and insights to bear on all marketing problems. We are a ROAS and ACoS driven agency that delivers game-changing results through innovative Amazon Advertising strategies suite of products. We are your Sherpas to the top of the Amazon food chain.

Premiere Creative’s success lies in our adaptive team and data-driven decision making. As an Amazon Advertising agency, we leverage Amazon Analytics to create ROAS maximizing Amazon Advertising campaigns. We craft unique strategies and creative that engages and converts audiences. Premiere’s working knowledge centers around:

  • Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Amazon Sponsored Product Ads
  • Amazon Stores
  • Amazon DSP and Programmatic Sales
  • Deals / Coupons / Promotions
  • Listing Optimization

Why wait any longer? Get Your Free 1 Hour Amazon Advertising strategy session with deep analysis of your current Amazon Advertising efforts.

About Premiere Creative

Let Premiere Creative deliver an Amazon Analytics driven Amazon Advertising strategy for your brand today. Clients can expect measurable improvement to benchmarks like:

  • Increased Gross Revenues
  • Maximized ROI and ROAS
  • Decreased ACoS
  • Improved CQR
  • Conversions driven with optimized content and Amazon Stores
  • Higher rankings in Amazon’s search results
  • Stronger SEO copywriting with hidden attributes, A+ content, first line mobile optimization
  • Grid Model Selling and White space implications

Claim your Free 1-Hour Amazon Advertising strategy session with deep analysis of your current Amazon Advertising efforts. To learn more, call us today at (973) 346-8100 or contact Premiere Creative today!

We’re an ROAS-driven digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Amazon Advertising, Email Retention, and Influencer Marketing.

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