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Using Influencer Marketing During the Holiday Season

Can brands see spikes in sales from influencer partnerships? Absolutely because HubSpot reported 71% of consumers were more likely to purchase a product that they saw on a social media platform. Whether a user interacts with a banner ad on Facebook, watches a promoted Instagram story, or sees a friend wearing something cool, like a seasonal-exclusive outfit piece, in an Instagram post, the conclusion remains the same. Consumers buy products they see other people using on social media. Why does this matter? Well, it matters if you’re trying to exceed your goals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Influencer marketing can drive brand awareness and engagement on social platforms like Instagram. But a lot of marketers fail to use influencers for direct response initiatives. The jury is in: influencer marketer drives sales. So in the spirit of the holiday season, read on to learn why influencer marketing is a great way to drive last-minute sales.

People Trust People Over Brands

The holiday season is a time when consumers hunt for the perfect gifts, recipes, and holiday destinations. This means consumers will turn to friends, family, and the internet for recommendations in the months leading up to the holiday season.

According to Adweek, user-generated content is an incredibly powerful tool for reaching prospective customers. Humans are social creatures that are conditioned to feel skeptical towards branded communications. As such, we’re more receptive to messages from familiar individuals than from brands. It doesn’t matter how optimized and clever your digital marketing assets are – no advertisement can achieve the same results as an endorsement from a friend.

Finding Influencers & Creating Promos

Once you go through the search process and enter contacts with a few influencers, work with your team to develop promo codes and influencer specific electronic coupons. Try focusing on a few key products or services. Ideally, if you have launched any holiday-themed products or promotional offers, then those should be your focus for your holiday campaign. In other words, your unique content must be specific and relevant to the holiday season.

Write engaging and clear captions for your influencers to use in their next social media post. They should include a call-to-action (“enter XOXOAlexandra at checkout for 40% your Christmas purchase!”) that is clear and easy to follow. These steps should allow you to ring in the New Year with some nice incremental sales at very little cost.

‘Tis The Season for Maximum ROI: Influencer Marketing for Holidays

Picking the right influencers, scrambling to get some promo codes live, and writing engaging copy will almost certainly help you drive some sales before the New Year. Properly executed influencer marketing campaigns can produce amazing results, thereby improving your brand’s social ROI. This is hardly surprising. After all, 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations over messaging from brands. So as we approach the holidays, be sure to leverage influencers and enjoy the consequent bump in sales.

The holidays will arrive in before you know it! At Premiere Creative, we help businesses harness influencer marketing to attract new customers, boost sales and generate positive ROI. For more information about our influencer marketing and other digital marketing services, contact the Premiere Creative team by dialing (973) 346-8100.