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Snapchat First Commercials: What You Need to Know

Snapchat First Commercials can breathe new life into an existing social media strategy. From millennials to Generation Z, users of all ages turn to Snapchat to express their thoughts through
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Using Influencer Marketing During the Holiday Season

Can brands see spikes in sales from influencer partnerships? Absolutely because HubSpot reported 71% of consumers were more likely to purchase a product that they saw on a social media
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Your Guide to Micro-Influencers

By partnering with carefully picked social media content creators, companies can use influencer marketing to promote products or services on an influencer’s social media pages. As a critical component of
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Using LinkedIn to Find New Prospects

Finding new clients is tough and can eat away at precious time and resources. But with a large user base of over 400 million global professionals, LinkedIn makes it easier
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Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Harness the Power of Word-of-Mouth Through Social Media

Whom do we trust when making a consumer decision? Friends and family still reign supreme according to the latest Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report, with over 80% of respondents
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