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Your Guide to Google Ad Extensions

Google AdWords is an intricate, complex system where even the most seasoned, forward-thinking experts can make simple mistakes that can ultimately cost conversions, impressions, and money. Here is a simple question: would you rather a grander Google Ad or a smaller one at the same cost? Of course, the answer is a no-brainer because bigger is always better when it comes to advertising.

So how can small to mid-sized businesses go about building a larger Google Ad while simultaneously saving money? Two words: Ad Extensions.

What Are Google Ad Extensions?

In Google AdWords, an ad extension describes snippets of additional content that expands your ads with more information that will help web users choose to keep looking at your services. After creating a free AdWords account, you can choose among different types of ad extensions that each offer unique information for potential customers.

While most Google Ad extensions require some setup, the additional work is definitely worth putting in the extra time. Why? In most cases, you will quickly notice a stark improvement in your ads’ performance in terms of clicks, cost per click (CPC), page position, and ad rank.

Why Should Business Owners Use Google Ad Extensions?

Google Ad extensions can be created at any level of your AdWords account (account level, campaign level, or at the ad group level). While this new concept may seem intimidating, business owners cannot ignore the benefits that Google Ad extensions offer. Google Ad extensions can help you expand your existing ads by offering the reader more ways to interact with your company.

For instance, you can direct readers to new pages where they can find more or different information. Alternatively, Google Ad extensions can showcase additional benefits to working with your company through attractive messaging such as “Free Shipping,” a 90-day return policy, “Try Before You Buy,” or unbeatable sales. Moreover, Google Ad extensions allow you to add a phone number to call or even a call-out to download a new mobile app.

That’s not even the best part! According to Google, “ad extensions typically improve click-through rate and overall campaign performance because they make ads more useful.”

What Are The Types Of Google Ad Extensions Available?

There are many types of Google Ad extensions available, but making a choice isn’t always easy. To help improve your company’s PPC strategy, let’s explore a few of the most useful Google Ad extensions.

Callout Extensions

If you’re considering adding more useful information to your Google Ads, consider creating a callout extension. Callout extensions add an additional line of text to your ad directly beneath the headline. With a strict 25-character limit, you must keep your messaging clear, concise, and compelling.

You can set up callout extensions at the account, campaign, or ad group level; furthermore, you can schedule when you want the specific callouts to appear in your ads. You need to create at least two callouts for any of them to show up – so try to create at least four different callouts.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelinks allow you to direct users to additional pages on your site, beyond just the landing page. You can queue up to six additional links that send people to critical informational pages about your company like product details, business hours, or even exclusive offers. Each link you include can be accompanied by an 80-character description. In this description, you can include keywords and a strong call-to-action to encourage more clicks

Call Extensions

Whether you own a small or medium-sized business, you’ll want to encourage people to call your business to ask questions. A call extension will prompt people to call your company by adding a phone number or call button into your ads.

Paid Search Call Extensions

Location Extensions

Location extensions can help businesses focusing targeting efforts in a particular area. If your business struggles to attract local awareness, consider using this type of ad extension in your next campaign to highlight your convenient proximity for potential customers. Businesses with multiple locations can even use location extensions to display the location nearest to the user at that specific moment in time.

Promotion Extensions

Including promotions in your ad’s copy can eat away at your character limit. But with promotion extensions, you can highlight your sales, promotions, and discounts for prospects that are searching for the best deals. This helps you avoid missing out highlighting your company’s best features and products to new potential customers.

Structured Snippets

Structured snippets are an ad extension that highlights a category of features that your website has to offer. For example, a dog food retailer may stock and sell a variety of brands, which is a great feature to attract people to a website. Unfortunately, the retailer might not have enough room to feature all the brand names within their ad text. Structured snippets will showcase the brands and let the consumer know the variety offered, without consuming character space within your ad’s text.

The Best Practices for Google Ad Extensions

Adding extensions to your ads will make them more targeted, relevant, and clickable, as well, more prevalent at the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Oh, and did we mention that these ad extensions are free to add to your campaign? However, there are limitations that you should consider before you decide to use this feature. Google will only show your ad extensions if Google believes that they will improve your ad’s performance, so make sure to keep the information relevant to potential customers.

You also must keep conversions in mind when adopting this new practice into your PPC strategy. Remember to create specific landing pages rather than directing visitors to an existing web page. That way, you can send visitors to a targeted page where you can convert them into a lead. Need help managing your next PPC campaign? With years of experiencing managing Google Ads, we can help take your campaign to the next level. Give our PPC managers a call by dialing (973) 346-8100 today.