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Pay-Per-Click Best Practices

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a common form of web advertising that allows advertisers to bid on keywords. As opposed to paying a flat fee, with PPC, you only pay if your ad is clicked on. You can determine your budget and work you internet advertising around it, but there are a few basics you should know before you begin.

Keyword costs ranged based on the words you are searching. You can set your cost, but be aware if someone outbids you, your ad placement will become less prominent. Carefully choose keywords that are relevant to your content website and use geographical regions to help target your local market. Your advertising campaign should allow you to arrange your keywords accordingly.

The timing and placement of PPC ads are almost instant. Ads are inserted above and to the side of organic searches and go live as soon as you submit your campaign. You can also choose to run your advertising campaign whenever you want to.

PPC ads can be targeted to anyone you want. For local businesses, you may want to focus on your local area and use keywords that your audience would search for. Since ads are text, you can edit the coy to coincide with specific keywords.

You will generate more traffic with PPC campaigns, so this is a great way to start your internet advertising