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Budgeting a PPC Campaign

As you can probably assume by now, advertisers only pay for online advertising in pay per click (PPC) form when users click on the ad. PPC advertising can help your business earn visibility with users looking for their services. The cost of this type of internet advertising can vary based on your campaign, but be alert of the costly clicks.

Advertisers bid on keywords in specific search engines and win a prominent ad spot. Bids are placed based on what advertisers are willing to pay for each keyword. The cost per click of your ad is the amount you are willing to pay for each click. The tricky part of this process is identifying which keywords you will incorporate into your advertising campaign. There are highly competitive keywords in search engines, which tend to be general terms, and tend to be quite expensive. There are two sides to bidding on a popular keyword: one, the traffic to your site will increase almost instantly and two, each click costs you part of your budget and that online advertising cost will increase quickly as well.

A good way to use online advertising is to bid on keywords that are most relevant to your website content. Think about specific brands, geographical regions and other, more defined keyword phrases. Internet advertising is very competitive, especially general PPC keywords.