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Optimizing Your PageRank

Page Rank is very important to your website, as are many other web marketing services. Of course SEO is important, but there any many other ways to improve your Page Rank. When developing and constructing a website, be sure to build your site with smart architecture. Faceted navigation is important for your website and any online marketing you plan on exploring. Users should be able to explore by filtering available information so make sure navigation around your website is simple, easy to read and doesn’t need explanation.

While developing your website it is important to be sure all broken links are fixed. Links are constructed many times based on SEO and small errors can be overlooked. When 404 errors occur throughout your website, Google may take that as a lack of credibility. If you can’t fix 404 errors, be sure to redirect the page to a relevant content-rich page.  Follow simple online services outlines to figure out redirection.

When deciding on a host for your website, make sure you choose a fast server. A hosting server that utilizes multiple resources will be sure to load your website at a faster rate. Google also views this as one of there many classifications for ranking. Choosing a host is just as important as choosing your web marketing company.

One last important feature of a website that helps with Page Rank is an XML sitemap. An XML sitemap lists are the URLs for a website and informs search engines of the links. Search engines look for the urls as well as the SEO services implemented into these pages when doing a web search.