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5 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe From Your Emails

Unsubscribed Emails

In 2020, thousands of digital marketing professionals still unanimously agree that email marketing is the most profitable marketing channel for maximum customer retention. A well-executed email marketing campaign is a cost-effective tactic that can drive more web traffic conversions on a small business’s website.

But even the most carefully planned email marketing campaigns will prove meaningless if subscribers refuse to open your emails. Even worse, you may soon notice an influx of email recipients steadily unsubscribe from your newsletters. With so many offerings available, you’re probably scratching your head, wondering why you keep losing subscribers.

To put it frankly, there’s probably a reason why your opened email rate is abysmal; and it isn’t due to spam filters. Here are 5 possible reasons why people unsubscribe from your email campaigns.

1). You Have No Relationship With The Reader

First and foremost, you can’t just add any assortment of emails to your lists because you risk facing a legal battle. For example, Canada has an anti-spam law called CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation). CASL mandates that businesses can only send solicited emails to individuals who provide consent to receive emails.

Moreover, do you really want to waste time sending emails to people who have no association with you or your company? Definitely not! To make your email lists more organic and filled with subscribers who actually care about your content, try creating options to encourage email signups with clear communication about your campaign offerings. You can embolden actions from your readers with offerings like product discounts or free consultations. Alternatively, you can inspire more sign-ups by offering exclusive deals or invaluable information they can receive once they submit their information.

2). You Spam The With Too Many Emails

According to a study conducted by the Database Marketing Institute, companies can see high open rates by sending two emails per month. This frequency, however, doesn’t apply to all industries because every segment of subscribers is different. The only way to determine your email campaign’s effectiveness is to routinely test and measure correspondence until you discover the optimal email frequency for your business.

3). Your Emails Lack Relevant Content

Even if a reader wants to do business with you, they’ll lose interest if your content is strictly self-promotion. Remember: only distributing self-promotional email won’t win you more subscribers. In fact, many email marketing experts argue that your newsletter’s contents should be 90% educational and 10% promotional.

Email Marketing

When crafting your emails, the content should be informative, compelling, and entertaining. There’s a chance that your readers may click that “unsubscribe” button if your newsletter with some new valuable information, so plan your content wisely.

4). Your Emails Aren’t Mobile-Friendly

In 2020, mobile content is your key to success. Due to the demands of our busy lifestyles, many subscribers read emails on phones while rushing to work, grabbing an iced coffee, or during downtime in between meetings. If readers have difficulty reading your content on their phones, they’ll probably click away as quickly as they open your message. To better accommodate your readers, be sure your emails are mobile-friendly, not text-heavy, and get to the point quickly.

5). Your Emails Are Poorly Designed

The average reader spends an estimated 51 seconds looking over a newsletter; therefore, every image, quote, statistic, and call-to-action should be carefully organized and strategically placed so that readers can easily find important information. Emails need to be simple or very well organized. When strategizing and designing an email, try asking yourself these two critical questions:

  • Do the images relate to the newsletter’s content?
  • Are the images and design clever and aesthetically pleasing?

The answers to these questions will depend on your business goal. You may find that your email’s design isn’t cohesive with your main objective, which means you may have to return to the drawing board.

Take Your Email Campaigns To New Horizons

Even the most seasoned email marketers send emails that don’t resonate with subscribers. As New Jersey’s leading email marketing agency, we’ve helped many eCommerce clients drive qualified traffic to their web stores and boost ROI. Looking for new ideas to drive leads and traffic? Give us a call at (973) 346-8100 to learn more about how our email marketing services can help you grow your lists of subscribers.